All dreams interpreted FAQ

Do all dreams need to be interpreted? 

Not necessarily.  Every dream may contain meaning, but not every dream is a spiritual dream that needs interpretation.  According to research and experience, we know that dreams can come from three sources:  

  • God or Truth
  • Self (mind, will, and emotions)

Determining the SOURCE of your dreams helps us discern the type or purpose, and how to respond.

Often, our dreams are a mere re-playing of the day’s events, or are clear indicators of certain stressors we are experiencing at the time, and these we are already aware of.  (Have you ever played a video game right before bedtime and continued playing it in your dreams?  Probably these kinds of dreams do not need to be interpreted–although we can respond by realizing we need to cut back on our game playing.)

Also, many times, a dream’s meaning is sealed from us until a later time, locked away in our memory until the time is ripe for us to understand.

If a dream is a spiritual one  from God, why wouldn’t we want to understand the message? Consider what we miss out on if we don’t take time to decipher.

One of my dreamer friends says, “A dream not interpreted is like a letter unopened”