Being Lost

Being Lost
Not having a sense of direction, or being lost in dreams is a good indicator that in some area of our lives we are needing some guidance or instruction.  Without it we flounder and seemingly waste time and effort.  We may keep going in circles, needing a way out.  

Look to identify the issue that is being highlighted—so that you can resolve it and arrive at your ‘destination’ without further interruption, and no more being lost.

Always Lost Dream:

I have many recurring dreams where I am always lost!  I get in my car to go somewhere but I lose my directions and drive around a lot and don’t ever arrive!  Or I go for a walk and I can never find my way back home because I’ve made too many wrong turns.   I’m always just lost, lost, Lost, LOST! What is up with my being lost in dreams?

(Question for the dreamer–is anything specifically happening in  your family, your career, your marriage, your relationships?

Answer:  Everything is fine–my family is great, so is my marriage, and I love my job).

Dream Interpretation:

Your dreams are indicating a need of direction regarding your spiritual life.  You are living your life with good intentions but realize you are lacking completeness that comes from fulfilling your spiritual purpose in life.  As you get this part of your life in order, you will feel more guided and grounded. You will arrive at your desired destination and you will probably not experience these dreams anymore.

Feedback from dreamer:  

Oh!  You are so right!  I have put this need of mine and of our family on the back burner, always intending to make progress, but never do.  I will make this more of a priority!


Dark Path dream: 

I was at a family gathering, but we met at a place that was condemned by the health department so we were trying to clean it up. Then I was at the Flying L Ranch, near a waterfall.  I saw my Dad in a speed boat, not driving, but riding in front.  He was wearing a dark suit and getting soaked (he died last month).  Then I saw him in pain–he had been impaled by an antler of some kind.  Then we were all on a retreat, on a college campus and were getting ready to play a game.  Dad wasn’t there, but Mom was setting up a game board.  I needed to go somewhere but it was very dark.  I didn’t know which way to go.  A woman volunteered to guide me.  She held my arm and took me through the dark.  When I needed to turn, there was a spaniel-type of dog lying on green grass, in a spotlight.  I knew I was supposed to turn there. The woman pointed to a hole in the ground and warned me about falling there–she said people often got stuck in that very place.  I stumbled through the dark and slipped a few times, almost falling. I yelled for my leader to slow down but she didn’t listen.  I just kept hanging on for dear life so that I didn’t fall, and was able to keep up.

Dream Interpretation:

Your dream says that you and your family are dealing with the aftermath of a drastic change in your lives, regarding the death and loss of your father.  It shows issues coming to the surface that must be dealt with, and you all are trying to learn how to move forward.  It may seem like a period of darkness to you, where you are wanting more clarity and closure, but your dream says that God’s spirit is very near, guiding you around common ‘pitfalls’ of grief and possibly getting ‘stuck’, and leading you to ‘greener pastures’ where you are protected and assisted in supernatural ways.

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