Dream: My Life is Like an iPhone

Dream: My Life is Like an iPhone

Dream: My Life is Like an iPhoneLast night I dreamed that I was an iPhone, and that I had too many apps installed—they took up all of my memory so that my basic functions were not working properly.

In real life, I do own an iPhone, which I have already maxed out, mostly with music, but also with some applications. Some apps are quite useful, like the GPS feature, my ‘to do’ list that syncs wirelessly with my computer, dictionary/thesaurus, Weatherbug, Baby name meanings (handy for a dream interpreter), and recipe finder.

Other apps are ridiculously silly or pointless, like ‘Dog Whistler’, ‘Turkey calls’, Solitaire (which I never use), Dog screen cleaner (where a dog licks the screen clean). The guys in my family have installed an app game where you win ‘points’ for picking the ‘best’ urinal to use in a variety of settings, a loud FLUSH signaling your victory.

Apple’s website says, “For just about anything in life, there is an app for that.” There are many thousands of iPhone apps available. The question is, ‘How many of them are useful’? Do I REALLY need this?

If I stuff my memory with useless programming, how might this limit or impair the functionality of my necessary basic functions?

Life, in many ways is like the iPhone—highly entertaining, but with a high potential for time wastage, if we are not discerning about how well we focus our time and energy regarding our minds, our thoughts, our schedules. It can be all too easy to allow ourselves to slip away into distracting pursuits and neglect the priorities that make life truly meaningful.

Today, I am weeding out some non-essentials so that I have plenty of memory and energy to tackle my most important responsibilities first. Creative ‘playtime’ can come a little later.

What kinds of ‘apps’ in your life are taking up your prime ‘space’ and possibly preventing you from living out your full potential?

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