My Life in Glamour Magazine in a dream

My Life in Glamour Magazine

My Life in Glamour Magazine in a dreamI dreamed that I discovered an article in Glamour Magazine—about me! I had labored intently to author much of the storyline, but someone else had ‘mastered’ the finished, published product. The words and accompanying photos stunned my mind as they portrayed me as ‘glamorous’—apparently I had achieved much status as a ‘beautiful’ person who not only made impact on society with my accomplishments, but also with integrity and solid character.

During the dream I also spotted similarly glowing articles about friends and acquaintances, regarding the glamorous aspects of their lives. With great delight, I sought those friends out to tell them what had been written about their lives . . . displayed for the world to see and admire.

In reality, I would by no means describe my life as ‘glamorous’. Glamour Magazine represents the world’s defined and photoshopped ideals regarding beauty, fashion, sex, love, health, and shopping. Few people would feel their lives would match up to the popular perfect notions as depicted in Glamour.

“Glamour” actually means “the attractive or exciting quality that makes certain people or things seem appealing or special.”

If we consider this definition and take away the popular Hollywood expectation of people’s EXTERNALS, we see that glamour may also reflect dazzling INTERNALS.

Isn’t what is INSIDE of a person most often that which captivates our eyes and our hearts the most?

If a person has a good heart, loves deeply, is solid in character, and can be trusted, isn’t that what makes them truly beautiful? The outside packaging doesn’t really matter much, does it?

Rather than caving to the pressure to look fit and pretty on the outside, it makes sense for us to do what it takes to beautify the inside—our thoughts, emotions, issues, our beliefs which cause outward behavior. We get glamorized as we allow God and others to shape and release what is within.

Not only that, but what a joy it becomes to get out of ‘self-mode’ and discover the hidden jewels in our friends’ lives—so that we can call attention to those treasures and encourage them in their destinies.

A good friend hears the song in our heart and sings it back to us when we have trouble remembering. The Creator does this for us too. We are fashioned by a master whose greatest desire is for us to reach our full potential.

We live a glamorous life after all.

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My Life in Glamour Magazine

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