Root for your rival and deal with jealousy

Root For Your Rival

Root for your rival and deal with jealousyHow do you respond to opposition—from the people in your life? Those folk that, no matter how hard you try to please or choose peace with, seemingly cannot rest until you are annihilated, obliterated, and eliminated in reputation or status—in ‘comparison’ to them. They ‘keep score’ on your best moves. You can feel their sizing up and tension, and you know that when they get the chance, they are likely to pull the rug out from you in hopes that you will fall flat.

There are indeed spiritual forces behind people’s actions to contend with, which are necessary to discern, but how is the best way to respond to these people?

They are often friends or co-workers that are insecure and struggle with envy—of you. They are usually insecure and jealous of what you have. They don’t realize the precious extent of their own unique abilities—they want YOUR creativity, wisdom, gifting, or whatever. And since they can’t have it or control it, they don’t want you to succeed or enjoy it, either.

When you experience breakthrough or victory, outwardly they may cheer you on, because it is the nice thing to do, but behind your back, you can often catch them trying to one-up you, discrediting you, or employing subtle set-ups to trap you and keep you from moving forward.

As an intuitively sensitive person, I pick up on the jealousy easily. I do not personally struggle with it. Over the years, I have kicked myself for ‘feeling jealous’ about somebody, only to realize that it wasn’t my jealousy—it was simply a nasty feeling ‘in my radar’ coming from a particular person toward me.

Some things to keep in mind:

1. It’s not about you. Though someone’s undermining of you certainly affects you, ultimately it is their own issue to deal with.

2. When you experience someone’s adversarial approach, that usually means you have great things going on in your life. Your spirit and character is shining out bright. This is good, but it means there may also be warfare because some people are unhappy and are looking for someone to blame.

3. Get smart—guard your heart. Love the people, but do not ignore any warning signs about them, therefore confiding or sharing your deep treasures with them . . . this can put you at further risk. These folks may try to draw you into their confidence, only to use your information against you some day.

4. Root for your rivals! Bless them and do not curse them. Proactively compliment them and publicly point out their strengths. Pray for them—not for God to deal with their faults, but ask for prosperity for them. Your supportive intent will gather divine momentum and change the atmosphere simply by your exceptional response.

5. Of course blessing them requires some heart work within—in order to speak positively about them you will probably have to forgive them and release your own fears, angers, and uncertainties.

6. Trust in your Higher Power to overcome the problem. God sees it, knows it, and can deal with the situation better than you can. (If you are one who struggles with envy of others, recognize the toxicity that it causes within you and toward your friends, and release it!)

Celebrate your own strengths, and work to develop them. There is power in being uniquely fashioned and living your destiny to the full, like no one else can possibly do. What an exhilarating thing to incorporate into your daily routine—to Root for your Rivals!


Root For Your Rival