Subtleties of Mayonnaise--Symbolizing Spiritual Sensitivity

Subtleties of Mayonnaise—Symbolizing Spiritual Sensitivity

Subtleties of Mayonnaise--Symbolizing Spiritual SensitivityYesterday around our lunch table, two families were discussing the sensitivities of children regarding different brands of mayonnaise. Mainly Hellmann’s vs. Miracle Whip but that isn’t the point. People often like one variety and can immediately taste a difference in flavor of another brand. Others strongly prefer that no sandwich salve ever touches their plate.

Parents who like a different taste may try in vain to sneakily serve an imposter past the discerning child mayo connoisseur’s tastebuds, only to be rejected immediately and put on notice about breaching trust.

Symbolically, spiritually speaking, everyone’s ‘taste’ can represent preferences, senses, hearing, seeing, feeling. Each person has a unique ability to ‘taste’ and discern forces and ‘flavors’ in the world. Some are way more sensitized than others.

People often treat the sensitive ones by:

  • Telling them there is no difference
  • Forcing them to accept another’s preference
  • Ignoring their dilemmas and dislikes
  • Not listening or honoring their requests
  • Judging them and telling them not to be so sensitive
  • Shaming them for being ‘picky’

Individuals that are gifted to see the subtle realities beyond what is in plain sight do need to learn eventually to manage their instincts, know when to accept certain circumstances or when to refuse and ask for a change. Sometimes they have to groan through situations that no one else much notices or cares about.

Rather than forcing the sensitive ones to conform and change, might it better serve us all in the long run if we embrace their discernment as a strength and aid in its development? Might their aptitude start small: mayonnaise ingredients today, hidden monsters in the family closets tomorrow, and demonic or divine superpowers barely perceptible to the rest of us, in years to come?

What if we encouraged the intuitive ones to value and respond wisely to what they sense—to listen and affirm them so that they do not shut down or become dull?

Let us celebrate each other’s tastes and preferences and have eyes to see the potential strength of our differences, to encourage full destiny development and not be guilty of standing in the way.

Next time these friends visit me, I will have a smorgasbord of mayo choices available to please every distinguished palette.

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