Time to upgrade

Time to Upgrade!

Time to upgradeI have not upgraded my version of iPhone yet, but when the time comes, I’ll spend a day or two investigating the new possibilities, learning the new programs and tricks, enjoying and celebrating new technology that makes life easier.

Who doesn’t love new upgrades? We have come a long way in the communication world from those old rotary phones with no voicemail!

Better than gadget improvements though, are those upgrades we receive in our relationships, circumstances, and in our mindsets. Better than homemade buttercream icing on killer chocolate cake!

An upgrade is when you get something that is better than what you had originally, to replace what you have with something better, newer, or more valuable.

I’ve recently moved into a season of upgrade in many areas of my life. I’ve found that sometimes you don’t realize you’ve been upgraded until you go back to something that was once familiar, only to realize that what once tempted you and satisfied you no longer works. It’s not even on your radar anymore.

For instance, if you lived in fear of bad news and you turn into being unafraid and trusting in positive outcomes—you move from the Land of Dread into a Playground of Many Delights.

Or when you live in bitterness, but with work and much processing, one day you realize that the bitterness is gone and full out gratitude has taken its place.

Or when you have lived with rejection, but your new environment and tribe fully embrace you with acceptance, favor, and astounding honor. They change your mind about who you are, they remind you of your true identity.

You move from lack into abundance in your surroundings and in your thinking, too.

The bar gets raised. You begin to anticipate beautiful surprises. Hope creeps in and starts to roost.

Once you have tasted such an upgrade, you can’t go back!

But to receive an upgrade, you have to let go of your old OS—your old operating systems. Often, that is not as easy as it sounds. We have to trust that there is something better, and that gives us the motivation to release the old and embrace the new.

What do you need to unleash from your life to make room for your upgrade?

I want to always be brave enough to cut loose what isn’t working well in life—and to be diligent in pursuing new upgrades, especially in the spiritual arena. I’m always hungry for more. It sure helps to live in a supportive tribe—with Truth-tellers who believe the best about me and frequently tell me so.

Call me Merry Bruton Burkhalter, forever grateful!


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