You are the master of your destiny

You are the Master of Your Destiny

powerLife is full of dreams and opportunities. We get to choose which ones to ignore, which ones to set on the back burner for a time, and which ones to pursue.

We get busy with the details of life, seasons of necessity for study, family, relationships, work—all the things that responsible people do. Hopefully, we discover meaning in all the activity, much of which seems rote at times. We learn to operate efficiently to some degree in all that we juggle. Or not.

Occasionally, routine takes over and life is not how we once optimistically imagined.

What happens when your mundane is interrupted by a thought . . . a longing . . . a dream that got buried along the way . . . something you once hoped for but no longer seems to be possible?

Some dreams will not let you go—they are part of your DNA, your destiny. No matter how often they are brushed aside, they keep popping up on your radar, because you are are destined to follow their call.

Every day is a fresh chance to embrace them.

You ultimately realize that your life will carry more depth and joy if you seize those grand dreams and release to the world the gift of yourself at its best. You are uniquely created. No one else can offer the world exactly what you have within you to share.

How do you step out to grasp those illusive hopes that are not yet plans? In order to make room, probably something else needs to get the boot. Spend time examining your life and decide what to focus on.

What can be laid aside to open up your time and resources in order to build something new?

If we are not master over our time, then time will master us.

Settling on who we are and what we are destined to do keeps us focused so that we can eradicate the time-suckers that prevent us from doing the important stuff.

  • Don’t cave in to what is comfortable and easy
  • Don’t allow the urgent to crowd out what is important
  • Don’t let jealous people sway your resolve
  • Do identify your priorities! Write them down. Create a purpose statement of who you are and what your mission in life is, and start living from this launching place
  • Do things every day that encourage dreaming big and creativity in your heart and mind
  • Do accomplish one thing today in the direction of your Dream—your ultimate Destiny

Know that YOU are amazing!


You are the Master of Your Destiny

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