Circle Up, Dreamers!

Circle Up, Dreamers! Weekly Online Dream Interpretation Community

Circle up, Dreamers!  Join the weekly online dream interpretation community of Destiny Dreamz.

Come one, come all dream interpreters wanting to practice interpretation together, to learn, dig deeper, and to develop community!

Starting Thursday evening May 4, 7 PM CST, join Destiny Dreamz online every Thursday evening for an interactive gathering of interpreters to rub elbows together, walk through dreams together, learn basics and advanced tips for excellent dream interpretation.

Submit your dreams

I will pick 1-2 dreams each week from a pool of dreams that come across my desk/or submitted via Dream Journal (and suggested by you) for us to work through as a group (always we will get the dreamers’ permission first).  We will talk about focus of the dreams, major and minor symbols, types or purposes of dreams, interpretive principles, how to respond to dreams, how to help others with their dreams.

Want to submit a dream for possible group interpretation?  Open an account and enter your dream in your own private dream journal.  Let Merry know the title of your dream and that you are offering it for Dream Circle. Make sure the dream is not too long and that you have written down the WHOLE dream 🙂

You will receive a copy of my dream interpretation worksheet so you can follow along using this tool, knowing that the more you practice, the better you will get at interpreting your dreams.

What is the big deal about Dream Interpretation?

Dreams reveal purpose and destiny, help for your direction in life.  Choose to focus on your dreams and unlock them for super-charged direction to help you discover your calling and steps to get to where you need to go.

As we meet together, you’ll get to know dreamers from all over the world and make new friends who may be kindred spirits to help you along in your journey toward becoming an Excellent Dream Interpreter.

Meeting times and instructions

Join us this Thursday (and all Thursdays that follow, unless we decide as a group to change our meeting day and time) to interpret dreams together as a community. Cost is $7 per meeting. Monthly financial partners may attend for free!

Questions?  Contact Merry.

In my extensive dream interpretation training, weekly dream chat played a HUGE part of my learning—often it is very difficult to decipher and interpret alone.  We need each other and it sharpens our abilities when we see how others think and perceive and process.  Join the Dream Circle and watch your skill increase, your relationships grow, and your confidence skyrocket!

We all need encouragement—so circle up, Dreamers!  Join our weekly online dream interpretation community.

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