Dream Interpretation ABC’s

Dream Interpretation ABC’s

ABC's of dream interpretingDream Interpretation ABC’s

How to develop your ability to interpret your dreams . . . in alphabetical random order:

Always pray. Every dream offers opportunity to dialogue with Creator. Ask for more dreams and for their interpretations.

Be open to the possibilities of receiving world-changing insight in your dream life.

Choose peace. When we shut the chaos of the world out, we are more apt to gain spiritual understanding.

Discern the purpose for every dream. Listen to Spirit for why the dream is given, in order to more fully understand your dream messages.

Expect supernatural revelation to light up your life as you learn to interpret your dreams. Trust that God wants to speak . . . to you!

Find as many dream interpreter friends as possible so that you can help each other. Preferably some with experience, maturity and training

Gather vital tools and resources to learn about dreams and symbols–dictionaries, reliable internet dream websites, books, classes to enroll in, mentoring opportunities.

Hone your skills by practicing metaphoric thinking as much as possible. Constantly ask yourself, “If this were a dream, what would it mean?”

Interpret first. THEN try to apply the dream to your life–after you have interpreted it.

Journal your dreamsJournal your dreams (write dates and titles) so that you remember them. Otherwise, they may vanish like a fog before you discover their meaning.

Keep the process simple. Most people try to make their dreams too complicated. Identify the 5-7 most important symbols to find the main gist of your dreams.

Learn the basics of dream interpretation. Take a class, read a book, practice on your own dreams. Get help when you need clarity.

Make time to work on your dreams. Dream interpretation takes time and effort—and none of your investment is wasted.

Never give up! Dream interpretation stretches your brain—it is a growth process. It is not about getting answers as much as it is about developing relationship with the Dream-Giver.

Offer your dream time for God’s purposes.

Practice using both sides of your brain—analytic and organizational as well as creative and intuitive. It makes dream interpretation easier. Balanced, whole brain use is optimal.

Quiet your bedtime routine. Shut out as much noise and clutter as possible as you end your day. Pay attention as you drift off to sleep and wake up . . . those ‘twilight’ times are important portals of revelation time.

Respond quickly to your dreams when it is clear that you need to take action.

Study! Do your research of symbols, scriptures, basic dream interpretation principles, common dream themes.

Think outside the box . . . Spirit speaks to each person uniquely, artfully, and personally.

Use your imagination . . . to ‘walk’ through the dream, ‘seeing’ what is there, listening for interpretation. God gave you that imagination . . . you are supposed to utilize it.

Value your dream messages. The more you desire to understand your dreams, the more you will gain wisdom for your life.

sleep, dream, dream interpretation, rest, relaxWait patiently. Dream meanings often come clear as we search, meditate, and marinate in Spirit’s presence. Often the answer comes when we least expect it.

X out unnecessary noise, activity, or distractions from your life that distort or disturb your rest or your spirit.

Yield to spiritual discernment. Test what you hear or sense in your dream time or when listening to friends. Make wise belief choices.

ZZZzzzz your way into new levels of spiritual joy and power as you rest best, sleep deep, esteem dreams, invite insight, accrue anew, scope hope, fly high, position mission, and Divine align.


Dream Interpretation ABC’s

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