Five Things NOT to do in Dream Interpretation

Five Things NOT to do in Dream InterpretationFive Things NOT to do in Dream Interpretation

If you are reading this blog, you are probably a dreamer or hold an interest in dreams. Dreams are often quite weird or puzzling. Dream interpretation can be a confusing process, something that many people don’t try because they don’t know how.

Help is available! Find a class, read a book, check out a website, get help in interpreting your dreams….your life will be richer for the effort, I promise!

As you work your way through learning how to interpret, keep in mind these common mistakes that can keep a dreamer from arriving at the best interpretation.

Do not make these common mistakes in dream interpretation:

1. Dismiss your dreams as being insignificant. Dreams that seem ‘out there’ still have meaning.  Journal them so that you don’t forget them. Often in writing them down and giving them a title, the interpretation comes to you. Dreamers have told me hundreds of times, ‘My dream is so weird, it can’t possibly have any meaning.” Wrong!

2. Interpret literally.
Sometimes dreams may have literal meaning, as in ‘I dreamed my house is messy.” However, a messy house dream probably indicates an area of my life that needs some organization. That way, I will know to focus on clearing up my schedule instead of hiring a maid. Always think symbolically first!

3. Get lost in the details. Many dreamers have epic dreams that could take hours to journal each day, with hundreds of details to include. Not necessary! It takes practice, but a dreamer can learn to identify the most important 3-7 elements in a dream and arrive at the right interpretation. Details will support and add depth to the main theme—but it is crucial to sift through and prioritize. Simplify as much as possible.

4. Fail to discern the purpose and focus. Most dreams are about the dreamer, not about someone else. If I dream my house is messy, I cannot make the assumption that the dream is about my messy husband—I would miss the point! The focus is on me and my own situation, and possibly how I would need to respond.

5. Forget to pray about it. All dreams are not from God, but many of them are, and if he is the giver of dreams, is he not also the giver of interpretations? If we ask, we will receive the keys to unlock our nighttime dream messages.

For further help with your dreams, see our Resource links, peruse the Destiny Dreamz Dream FAQ’s, schedule a mentoring session, submit your dream for an interpretation, or contact us—we LOVE to help!

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