The Metaphorical Melody of Life

The Metaphorical Melody of Life

The Metaphorical Melody of LifeIf all of life and our hopes and dreams can be described by metaphors, I would prefer mine to be musical. Put on your metaphorical thinking cap and bebop with me for a stanza or two of lyrical musing. Let us stretch our right brains together in combined melody that resonates and unifies. Sing with me the Metaphorical Melody of Life.

Describing life in metaphors strengthens our ability to interpret dreams. We learn to compare and contrast large and tiny details, combining high and low notes, fusing every part together to compose the big picture. Hence this little refrain. Practice this lesson with me.

Music reflects and grabs the soul. It stirs our spirits and is an instrument of healing and bonding among humankind. People team up together based on likes and dislikes in melodic preferences.

The world witnesses our individual distinctions and can discern a lot about us based on music that we listen to and reflect outwardly. Are you a rock song? A Gospel hymn? A folk ditty, Gangsta rap? Perhaps you lean more toward soul, spirituals, jazz, funk or swing? Which category describes your innate, inner tune?

We are all musical composers, if not literally, then expressively, vocally. Each of us divinely receives and generates messages, creative tones, and raw noises within, and we get to process and choose the level of amplification, the preferred ‘sync’ with others—how well our harmony blends with others—and the timing to release our concert to the world. After years of hidden preparation, our practice pays off and we get our big gig, advance into our destiny, go public in a huge way, contributing to everyone’s enjoyment.

Whether our performance season of symphony is a joyful boogie, the boisterous blues, a stunning salsa, or a distressing dirge, we all have the capacity to allow our heartstrings to be plucked to produce a Lifesong that is uniquely ours. It changes over time, and becomes rich as we become professionals in production.

My prayer is for every one of us to reach our full potential and range in being used to become pleasing melodies and sweet sounds that soothe and call each other to higher levels of rhythm and acceleration.

Feel free to chime in.

(Photo: My musician son, Brady) The Metaphorical Melody of Life

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