Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Esteem Your Dreams

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Esteem Your Dreams

Top Ten Reasons Why You Should Esteem Your DreamsTop 10 reasons why you should esteem your dreams (in no particular order)

10. The supernatural becomes real—you can walk on water, give a speech with ease, walk around naked without anybody noticing, or successfully fight off Ninja warriors

9. You receive insight into the lives of people you—know—and yes, there will be a ‘test’ knowing what to do with what you hear

8. You gain instant conversation starters with your spouse, co-workers and friends

7. You can fly anywhere in the world, even to outer space, without having to pay airfare or mess with airports

6. You might discover a book to write, a song to script, or a new invention to develop

5. Mommas missing their grown children can hold on to the ‘little ones’ once again—cry, laugh, wonder, reminisce, heal

4. Your ‘issues’ are exposed so that you can deal with them and move forward. Yahoo!

3. Perplexing puzzles get solved, like where you might locate those missing keys

2. You can get your basic instructions before leaving the house for the day

1. Your spirit is encouraged, strengthened, and refreshed from interacting with God’s spirit every night while you are zonked out, welcoming those life-changing dreamzzzzzzzzz…

If you are a dreamer, what are some of YOUR ‘top ten’ or favorite things about dreams?

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