Divine Direction Dreams: Home Security

Divine Direction Dreams: Home Security

Divine Direction Dreams: Home SecurityWe are living in a difficult season. The heat is turned up and many people are experiencing increased stress levels due to the ‘hits’ of life. A phone needs repair, a tooth breaks, job hours are reduced, a sewer line needs replacement, we fight with our spouse or roommate, a check bounces, causing other bouncing ripples in our bank account.

Such things heaped up can cause a person to want to scream–we may feel like a raw exposed nerve that seems beyond rescue.

It is enough to drive you to your knees.

Does God see? Does he care?

Our family struggled a while back with a fast-paced series of ‘unsmooth’ bumps and bruises, especially with unexpected expenses. We were been stretched and tensions ran high.

I dreamed a few nights into that season that the windows of our house were like our doggie door—unsecured, open for anyone to enter and steal. It was a picture of how I felt. But in the dream, I realized that the problem was not so much our THINGS breaking or people taking from us, but how the lack of ‘security’ was affecting our marriage.

My husband and I addressed the tension, discussed feelings, fears, a plan of action. We asked God for more revelation, for protection, for teamwork and peace.

Next night, I had a dream where we were outside our home looking at unbreakable, heavy golden chains and padlocks that wrapped and secured the fence outside our home. Everything was locked up tight, and we were holding the huge golden key. And there was peace.

I am convinced that God is in the business of ‘home security’ (metaphorically speaking).

I am constantly astounded at how much he sees, hears, and cares about the details of our lives. And the amazing comfort, direction, and encouragement he pours into our fearful tender spirits just when we need it the most, even in dreams.

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