Help! Someone Stole My Wallet!---In My Dreams

Help! Someone Stole My Wallet!—In My Dreams

Help! Someone Stole My Wallet!--In My Dreams“Help! Someone stole my wallet—in my dreams!” This dream consistently tops the search statistics on Destiny Dreamz’s dream interpretation website. Questions about possible meaning of this dream abound, as dreamers wrestle with the feelings of panic, loss, and violation.

In real life, a purse or wallet contains vital private information, keys, personal items, and money. Symbolically, a missing wallet could represent an identity crisis regarding issues of personal value, personality, favor, power, or security. Our communication and contacts (cell phones) could be affected. A deliberate theft accentuates the bewildered feelings with shock and fear of further complicating consequences. Theft always seems to sap emotional energy.

Dreams of a missing purse or wallet can stem from financial difficulties, loss of a job, position, status, or influence, marriage or relationship hardships, false accusations, or any kind of major shift in life that brings grief and concern. These dreams can show a situation in the past, present, or possible future.

Dreamer must act quickly to prevent further repercussions (think symbolically with me here)—assessing the extent of loss, immediately notifying authorities and people that can help, canceling certain ‘accounts’ so further ‘rip-off’ cannot occur, and making requests for ‘new’ documentation to replace what is gone.

During the recovery stage, the dreamer gets to re-evaluate old habits, to determine how to prevent possible future damage—lock the car doors (be more spiritually and physically watchful and alert), keep the purse out in plain sight (not visible and accessible to everyone), be careful who we trust with our heart treasures. Not everyone will treat us—and our ‘assets’—with respect. Pay attention to these dreams and look for areas in your life where you may be experiencing ‘pillage’.

Look on the bright side. ‘Wake-up’ calls can be momentarily upsetting, but beneficial for us in the long run, to bring correction to something we are doing that may not be good for us. We learn to appreciate and not take for granted the seasons of security and peace.

If we put a smile on our face during the trying times, we might even get another chance for a driver’s license picture that doesn’t make us cringe.

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