If this were a dream, what would it mean? Dig Deeper!

If This Were a Dream, What Would it Mean? Dig Deeper!

If this were a dream, what would it mean? Dig Deeper!How often do you observe something in real life and wonder to yourself, “If this were a dream, what would it mean?” As a dream interpreter, I question constantly. Patterns or happenings out of the ordinary seem to capture my attention and prompt me to ponder if something larger is happening—and how to interpret.

I live in an older house in a part of a West Texas town that actually has large trees. A recurring home nightmare for us regards masses of tree roots blocking the aged sewer pipes, causing ‘backwash’.

This is a particular a pet peeve of mine, as I am spoiled and relish running water, but not of the stinky kind in places in the house where it doesn’t belong, and this sewage dilemma often occurs during off hours, when help is not readily available. Usually we can’t run water—or flush—while we rent a snake and tear out roots. It’s always been a temporary fix.

Every time it happens, I question, “Does this have prophetic significance in my life? Is this a picture that Creator is using to communicate something more important to me?”

We never even think about sewers until we experience problems.

‘Coincidentally’ (or not), sewer scenarios remind me that it is a healthy practice to make sure one’s ‘house’ is clean–to concentrate on emotional or spiritual issues that block and back up to create a stink. We need to regularly revisit needs to forgive people, to rip out ‘roots’ of bitterness, to boldly tackle life’s messes, to create better communication ‘flow’. Dig deliberately deeper. Make sure we become conduits of refreshing, living water to people around us.

A friend reminded me a couple of days ago: Drain the swamps. If you don’t, lots of critters like mosquitoes, alligators and despair build up. Stagnation occurs. A reminder to actively deal with my dependencies, insecurities, and fears—proactively, as a preventative—so that crises do not determine how I spend my time in the future.

We dug up our beautiful green backyard (and our neighbors’ too) to replace that sewer line. Lots of work and temporary upheaval, though, meant the problem is permanently repaired.

Landscape will grow back, along with significant resolve and accomplishment in our spiritual department—with results lasting for eternity.

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