Lion Dreams

Lion Dreams

Lion DreamsHave you ever experienced a face-to-face encounter with a lion in a dream? It seems like dreamers are reporting an increasing amount lion dream appearances. Lion dreams usually startle the dreamer with their strong, heart-pounding affects.

What do lions mean in dreams?

Remember that dreams are primarily symbolic, and that most symbols may possess both positive and negative possibilities. Discern whether the lion serves a positive or negative purpose in the dream. Is it menacing, destructive and threatening? Or is it comforting and strong?

For instance, in scriptures, a lion is often referred to as an evil, intimidating, fearful force that hunts and destroys humanity. Its roar, a powerful ‘voice’, which can be heard for miles, frightens and paralyzes its prey, so that it can be captured and slaughtered. I Peter 5:8 says, “Be on the alert. Your adversary, the devil, prowls about like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Watch out, folks! If you experience an angry, starving lion, even in your dreams, it is time to take protective action against attack!

Hungry lion dens were often used as punishment—the ruthless, destructive anger and insatiable hunger was a most hopeless sentence for any helpless person.

Lion DreamsOn the flip side in the scriptures, a lion represents Jesus Christ, the conquering forceful lion of the tribe of Judah (Revelation 5:5). One who is unchangeable, unshakeable, unstoppable!

Lions in our culture additionally may represent boldness, courage (think Wizard of Oz), highest level of leadership (King of the jungle, top of the food chain), a fiercely independent spirit with an intimidating, incapacitating influence. Consider all possibilities in dream interpretation.

Recently a friend told me his dream that everywhere he went, he was accompanied by a huge lion. The lion walked closely, right beside him, and seemed gentle, except when this friend tried to go somewhere on his own. Then the lion would pounce, pin the dreamer down, and redirect with his huge paws.

Based on context and the tone of this dream, and the fact that the dreamer was a follower of Jesus, we determined that this lion dream was encouraging the dreamer to embrace the protection and strength that came through his faith—when he journeyed on the ‘right’ path for his life. And the correction that would strike—if he got off track.

Noteworthy, in scripture, one lion eventually overcomes the other lion. If we are a child of God, we are encouraged to make a clear decision regarding which side to align with. Often it can be difficult to tell which side seems to be opposing your efforts!

Remember the conversation between Lucy and Mr. Beaver in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe–Lucy asks if Aslan, the lion is safe. Mr. Beaver responds, ‘Safe? ‘Course he isn’t safe. But he’s GOOD. He’s the King, I tell you.” We human beings can struggle with the mysterious, often scary, supernatural aspects of power demonstrated by lions.

May we each journey wisely, following the best voice that will lead us through GOOD adventures!

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  1. Mechote McDowell
    Mechote McDowell says:

    I had a dream of a Lion at distance he was just walking around people When I saw him I had no fear we looked at each other and he lightly growled at me while I was talking to a elderly woman I told him to be quiet in a playful way.I’m not sure what this means

  2. Wanda
    Wanda says:

    I had a dream about a lion last week. At first he was standing about 8 feet away, then all at once I was right in his face. Forehead to forehead and staring into one of his eyes. I woke up at once startled and wondering what could this mean? A few nights before this I had a dream about God… He never uttered a word but when he looked at me his eyes went wide but only for a couple of seconds. Then he slowly turned his head away. I knew it was him however he looked nothing like what we’ve been taught. He was really dark/ tanned, beautiful skin and white, white long hair. Does anyone know what this mean?

  3. Wanda
    Wanda says:

    I had a dream two nights ago. Someone I couldn’t discern and I were running, and running behind us, what I thought was after us, was a lion, a tiger, and a bear. I was fearful at first, but they never approached us, they remained behind. The next thing I remember I was running alone this time, and only the lion was running behind me. But I wasn’t afraid because they hadn’t hurt us previously. However, this time the lion bit me. I had my arm up defensively and it bit on either side of my elbow. But he only stood there with my arm in his mouth, he did no further harm. Then I woke up. Can you tell me what this means?

  4. Marchelle Smith
    Marchelle Smith says:

    I had a dream last night about a lion. It was chasing people and destructive, but it was coming my way I knew I couldn’t out run him so I played dead on my bed. I was perfectly still barely breathing and he walked over me, licked my neck and went over to my daughter and allowed her to pay him.

  5. Dakarai-El
    Dakarai-El says:

    I had a dream, I saw a lioness and a young lion, it was following me then I went inside of the building it was outside the door, they was trying to get in so I open the door then they started cuddling with me then laid on my lap

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      Destiny Admin says:

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