Old and New Tell-A-Vision

Old and New Tell-A-Vision

televisionA while back, our old TV bit the dust.  Such a thing would usually not be a big deal, but we’re talking about our ONLY family TV, a 1974 Magnavox console. We bought it used when our son was a baby, more than 30 years ago, and we’ve never had a lick of trouble with it. They don’t make things to last like they used to. Anyway, it finally literally went up in smoke.

Our family got a little wistful about this old TV. Our son even (half)-jokingly called it a ‘sibling’, as he and my husband hauled it out to the recycle center.

I was secretly relieved when it died, because I couldn’t read titles on it anymore, and it had been a long time since we had seen the color red. I was ready for an upgrade.

We got that upgrade! And I cannot stop staring at the beautiful, high-definition color set that now sits in the place of its predecessor. We can turn it on and off without having to get up and walk across the room, and we can mute the commercials, too.

Wow, what took us so long to step into the 21st century?

Frugally speaking, we had decided to wait until the old TV passed before we invested in a new one. The passage seemed to take forever. We were teased mercilessly for our old-style TV.

Note my subtle segue into dream interpretation . . . TV’s often represent ‘vision’ being revealed, revelation that is shown via ‘tell-a-vision’. Sometimes in dreams, TV’s give insight for what is ahead or for how to handle a situation, as in training videos.

I believe that  we often need an ‘upgrade’ in our vision of life.  People may complain about our ‘stuckness’ and indeed, we may stay in a rut of seeing the world from an old perspective.

And many times, the dream-giver may be offering amazing disclosure, but we may find ourselves holding too tightly to the past or the present to let go and receive new insight for adventures ahead.

Recently I had a TV dream (before the ‘death’), where I watched a ‘movie’ of my life and was reminded of wonderful days gone by, where I was actively using some of my creative gifts and abilities, but I had laid them aside a while back. I sensed the dream telling me it was time to pick them back up again and incorporate them back into my life.

A new joy entered my heart as I pondered the possibilities of enjoying a fresh vision from Creator, who knows me and wants the best for me. Today I am so grateful for that upgrade in mission, now daily reminding me in a fresh way via our new Big Screen Color Television. I cannot stop admiring what lies before me.

But sometimes the old vision has to die before we can take hold of the new.  Sometimes we get to choose the timing, and other times we have to wait.

Just when we may think things in our life are going up in smoke, at just the right time, we are reminded of the Marvelous and Mysterious ahead.  And I am grateful for the role that dreams can play in refreshing and renewing our lives, if we are paying attention and are willing to risk stepping into something new.

And I love it when dreams and real life—the spiritual, the symbolic, and the literal events coincide as confirmation that we are on the right track.

Old and New Tell-A-Vision


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