Seizing Windows of Opportunity

Seizing Windows of Opportunity

Seizing Windows of OpportunityLately I have noticed the theme of ‘windows’ popping up everywhere. When this happens, I try to pay deeper attention to every time the phrase or picture crops up—perhaps God is speaking something we do not want to miss. Upon some symbolic reflection, some thoughts come to mind:

1. Windows of opportunity: Many prophetic voices are telling us that a huge spiritual shift is happening at this time. Can you sense it? The U.S. economy seems to be improving, but further shakings, financial and other, probably lie ahead. It would be wise to take advantage of this window or season to pare down, slack back, get our affairs in order, get out of debt, etc., so that we are better prepared for events to come.

2. Microsoft Windows vs. Mac: More and more folks are asking the question regarding making a switch from something more familiar to something more dependable, and they are counting the cost. (I confess I am a devoted Mac user). Think symbolically—sometimes we have to choose a different ‘operating system’ that is unfamiliar but may serve us better in the long run….even though our choice may require change in perspective and a price to pay.

3. Go Window shopping: It is time to dream about options, qualities and assets you want to incorporate into your life. Watch for ideas that God puts on display to grab your attention, then make plans for how to afford and obtain them.

4. When God closes a door, he opens a window: If plans don’t work out the way you imagined, or if you feel blocked, look for other possibilities that could be your outlet or answer—something in another shape, direction, or form. Look for where the Light is!

5. Out the Window: Deal with your issues as they come up. Clear out the clutter in your life and get rid of it.

6. Be a Window Washer: I actually did this in most of my house last week—dusted blinds, laundered curtains, cleaned windows—as an act of faith as if to tell the world, “I am ready to see clearly, without any hindrances.”

7.  Windows in dreams represent vision, often destiny direction or ability to see clearly.

Pay attention to window dreams!  When we look out our ‘windows’, we can observe what is coming our way—people, deliveries, activities, sunshine, storms. We are better prepared with our advanced notice for when Life knocks on the door.

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