Significant Shoes---Shoe Dreams

Significant Shoes—Shoe Dreams

Significant Shoes---Shoe DreamsA new walking shoe appeared on the shoe market—the Skecher Shape-Ups, a bouncy, high-tech type of footwear. Since I am a daily, avid walker and a faithful fan of Skechers, I had to check them out. The shoe package comes with a DVD that helps you ‘change the way you walk.”

The shoes are quite comfortable, though a bit pricey, but check out the amazing benefits a person supposedly gains from wearing these shoes (assuming we actually WALK in them):

  • Promote weight loss
  • Reduce cellulite and tone your thighs
  • Firm calf and buttock muscles
  • Easy to shape up without going to a gym
  • Help you walk with a ‘positive impact’
  • Enhance the way you feel and look
  • Change the way you approach your daily activities
  • Appear taller, combat stress, sleep better

Sporting these shoes, you find your ‘center of balance’ and you can look good while getting fit. “There’s no reason to ruin your outfit with unattractive footwear that’s a fashion don’t!” Shape-Ups will ‘still be right on as you power through your everyday life.” In fact, “they are portable power in a small package.”

Wow! Who doesn’t want all of that?

shoes in dreamsAll sarcasm aside and switching modes, have you ever had a shoe dream? In dreams, shoes can often symbolize the equipping or preparation that we have received to complete a certain task. They enable us to get where we need to go, and the ‘style’ in which we make the journey. They can represent readiness to go, peace or good news—or simply, your life ‘walk’ or your destiny.

I have experienced past seasons of dreaming I was getting dressed and could not find shoes that fit or matched. Or that I was shoe shopping, trying to find that perfect pair. Or that I was given priceless fabulous shoes that enabled me to run or fly at amazing speeds.

Our daily activity determines our shoe choice of the morning. What is on your agenda today? Are you properly outfitted and equipped? Or might there be a need to invest in or exercise in some further tools or development so you can achieve a greater level of success or satisfaction?

Possibly it could be time to switch to a more positive spiritual ‘posture’ or stance in life, a refined direction, a different path, or an improved ‘balance’ with more power. We might choose a walking buddy who will help support us and provide some accountability.

Put on your new Spiritual Skecher Shape-Ups—perhaps we can train together out there somewhere on the scenic walking trail and accomplish amazing ‘feats’ together.


Significant Shoes—Shoe Dreams

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