Vehicles in Dream Interpretation

Vehicles in Dream Interpretation

Vehicles in Dream InterpretationWhat kinds of cars or vehicles do you dream about? I’m not asking about your daydreams of the ‘dream car’ that you would like to own someday, but your proficiency (or not) in driving a school bus, motorcycle, airplane, monster truck, bicycle, or army tank. How do you unlock the meaning of vehicles in dream interpretation?

Remember, context is everything, as well as listening to Spirit for how to put symbols together to arrive at the correct dream meaning.

But generally, vehicles in dream interpretation represent a means or conduit to get from one place to another–an occupation, a task, an assignment, a ministry. Something you DO or use to GET somewhere in life. Simple enough.

However, there are a lot of variables and questions to ask. If you dream of a car, is it yours? Or someone else’s? Are you driving? From the front or backseat? Is someone else driving? The person driving shows functionally WHO is in charge of this particular venture.

Is the car old, indicating something of the past, perhaps even a ‘first love’ of yours (the car you first owned), in the dream? Is it your present car, perhaps something you are currently involved in? Is it new? What color is it? (Different colors have different meanings). What condition is it in? Broken down? Dirty and cluttered? Missing tires? Out of gas? (needing some maintenance or a ‘refueling’). Stolen? (Something of yours that was taken away). Notice any clues about the car that may indicate a message about your particular situation.

More questions: What is happening with the car? Are you driving at a high rate of speed, perhaps too fast, and you are being told to slow down so as to avoid a ‘crash’? Are you stuck in a rut and need to find a new place to ‘operate’? Are other riders clouding your vision so you can’t see to navigate properly? (How do you manage the objections or problems of those you are leading?) Or, are you simply looking and searching trying to even FIND your car? (What is your destiny?)

Next blog will deal with varying vehicles and their possible meanings. Determining the purpose for each means of transport is vital to understanding your dream….so stay tuned for more. Leave a comment if you want a specific type of vehicle addressed. Thank you for reading!

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