Vehicles in Dream Interpretation---Wheeled Vehicles

Vehicles in Dream Interpretation—Wheeled Vehicles

Vehicles in Dream Interpretation—Wheeled VehiclesA while back, I dreamed that started a new job, riding in the passenger seat of an ambulance, in no particular hurry. A fire truck came up behind us, morphed into a train, and as it blasted past us, it shot us up into the air. Suddenly, we were a helicopter, with no doors. The driver told me to buckle up as I tried not to fall out.

What do vehicles in such a dream mean? See how we interpreted this particular dream.*

A previous blog mentioned a general meaning of vehicles in dream interpretation, and I promised to get into specifics. Remember that each person may have different symbolic perceptions and we must listen to Spirit’s guidance for how dream symbols mesh together for YOU.

When you try to interpret ‘vehicles’ in your dreams, ask yourself:

  • Is the symbol in the scriptures? If so, what does it represent there? (Cars were not invented yet, but consider ‘chariot’)
  • What does the symbol personally mean to you?
  • Are there any relevant cultural meanings, phrases, idioms (“off the beaten track,” “test drive,” “keep on trucking”)
  • What are possible positive applications? Negative ones?
  • Check dictionary and sources like Wikipedia for information
  • Pay attention to any word plays
  • Question, “Why a scooter, and not a motorcycle?” Or “Why a school bus and not a van?”

Hop on board and let’s practice some metaphorical imagining together! God loves to speak to us through symbols—so we have to learn His love language and practice understanding from his perspective.

Wheeled vehicles–start with these ideas and add your own thoughts to arrive at possible meanings:

  • Car: personal vocation, ministry, venture, group
  • Bus: corporate group on the same journey
  • School bus: group learning something together
  • Train: groups of people joined together on the same track, united effort that is powerful
  • Bicycle: a one-person job that takes a lot of effort
  • Scooter: small but maneuverable, not a lot of power
  • Motorcycle: faster, individual effort, maneuverable. Can be loud, possibly dangerous
  • Ambulance: takes care of needs and hurts of others, healing
  • Fire truck: puts out ‘fires’–rescues
  • Limousine: ushered or led to your next ‘place’—in style
  • Army tank: powerful fighting ability to encounter great resistance with protection
  • Flintstone car: takes a lot of effort and energy to get somewhere
  • Tractor: plowing hard ground or reaping what you have ‘planted’
  • Race car: Can get somewhere FAST. But make sure you aren’t just going around and around, not getting anywhere
  • Police car: having authority, leadership
  • Stage coach: old-fashioned, trail-blazing, sturdy for bumpy rides, perhaps pioneering effort
  • Rollercoaster: fun, exciting, lots of ups and downs, but may not be going anywhere

Lots of possibilities to explore! Plus we have to take into account color, size, who else is involved, and other details, like being broken down, amount of power, etc.

The other day I was pondering how to write on this subject and I went outside to look at my own car. I saw something I had never noticed before. On each tire, it says, “Goodyear” and “Integrity”. I sensed Spirit reminding me that it makes a ‘good year’ in my personal tasks to keep ‘driving’ with integrity at all times….it keeps me balanced and moving forward, never stalled, stuck, or feeling ‘flat’.

Watch for future blogs to address more vehicles designed for water and air travel.

*Multiple vehicles dream:
I dreamed I started a new job. I was in the passenger side of an ambulance. We were just driving down the road, fast but not too much in a hurry. Suddenly, from behind us on the right, a fire truck came up. It had its sirens on and was moving really fast. It looked more like a monorail train, bright, sleek, red all over. As soon as it caught up to us, our driver put on our siren and we sped up. The train passed us and the force of air caused us to fly. The doors fell off and we became like a helicopter. I prayed I wouldn’t fall out and told the driver I didn’t have my seatbelt on. He said to buckle up. I was trying balance and do it without falling out.

Dream Interpretation:
You are part of a versatile organization that brings healing to others. While you are headed in the right direction, a sudden spiritual movement or force gives you the power or drive to step up the pace in moving forward. This requires transformation and skill on your part to focus and keep ‘balanced’ so that you can stay ‘on track’ and ‘take off’ rapidly in your calling, which you are equipped to do even if you don’t quite feel ready to handle it all. You are shown that you have guidance and support for this part of your journey.

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