What's in your nose?

What’s in your nose?

What's in your nose?My grandmother gave me a handkerchief years ago, and got me hooked on hankies—no more tissue boxes. A friend’s little daughter visited the other day, and saw me wipe my nose with my hankie. She thought for a few seconds, obviously curious about my odd little cloth, and asked, “What’s in your nose?” We laughed and asked her what was in her nose, and the conversation went down hill from there.

However, I got to thinking….(uh oh)…

A nose ‘knows’ a lot—it is a discerning force, able to ‘sniff’ out important details. Our nose distinguishes between a rose or a stink. Our sniffer often detects the smoke before we can see the fire. The nose knows which way the wind blows. If our nose is stuffy or runny, we know there is something toxic in our environment. If we sneeze or snuffle, we may be clearing away blockages or things we think we ‘know’ that are hindering our clarity. Someone famous once said, “A nose that can see is worth two that can sniff.”

We may KNOW that something is a BIG “NO” for today, and yet still not really be ‘in the know’ about all the circumstances just ahead. If you dream about having nose problems, you might want to pause to ponder how to prudently proceed.

We may also benefit by examining what is in our “No’s” as compared to our “Yes’s”. If you say, “No,” how much “NO” do you really mean? A little or a lot?

Do you know what’s in your nose for today?

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