3 Myths About Dreams and Dream Interpretation

3 Myths about Dreams and Dream Interpretation

3 Myths about Dream InterpretationUnderstanding dreams and their meanings is a passion for me. Grasping and implementing dream revelation serves as an invaluable tool, empowering me to enjoy life in full color, revving me up to blast through my day with all cylinders fully firing.

A friend of mine says, “A dream not interpreted is like a letter unopened.” But nearly every day I visit with people who are not convinced of the power of unlocked dreams.

Here are some commonly believed myths regarding dreams and dream interpretation:

1. I don’t dream. Science tells us that everyone dreams. It is part of our natural functioning during our REM sleep. Our bodies rest but our spirits and minds are still awake and in processing mode. The real issue is you are not remembering your dreams. To bust your dream drought, try some hints to help you relax and remember (see Dream Drought blog).

2. My dreams are just pizza dreams—they don’t mean anything. Once in a while, this may be true. Not all dreams need to be interpreted, but all dreams do contain some meaning beneficial to the dreamer. It is important to determine the source of the dream (is it from God, from our own mind, will, or emotions, or from negative forces around us?) We also profit by discovering what type of dream it is—there are many potential purposes for our dreams.

3. My dreams are always just about me. Indeed, most dreams do focus on the dreamer. Nearly all dream interpretation methods make the dreamer the center of the interpretation. However, I believe that God is always speaking to us, even through dreams, and sometimes he gives messages regarding something outside of ourselves—to benefit others. If your dream involves your family or your workplace, or a friend’s quandary, wouldn’t you want to understand, and partner with divine forces for a solution?

For more information regarding dream interpretation myths—and truths—or to get help interpreting your dreams, check out tools, mentoring options, free online dream journal, and other resources on DestinyDreamz.com.

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