Butterfly Process

Butterfly Process

butterflyI sat in a quiet place about a month ago and received this download from Spirit. As I shared it with others, it seems that I am not the only one in a heavy season of transition. Are you? For those of you who are, I thought I would share—it powerfully ministers to the tender places within me. Maybe it will encourage you too.  Butterfly process:

“I know you are uncomfortable today. There are so many things up in the air and your head is spinning . . . wondering how you can make plans, how can you move forward, what are you supposed to be doing? How long will you be in transition? What is the big picture, and what is your next step?

You have many concerns but you are doing a great job not stewing too much but trusting beyond your own capabilities. The more you let go and believe, the more you will be blessed in this part of your journey. You are building a trust journey with me.

Your next destination is not what this part is all about. Your focus needs to be on listening to me and walking with me . . . and the rest are just details.

Focus on me day by day, hour by hour, and let the rest of the stuff get worked out. Timing will seem off to you. The way things settle will seem off to you. You are entering extreme disorientation so that all you can do is hold my hand in the dark and follow me through obstacles and situations . . . so that this becomes second nature, rather than relying on setting up comforts or routines. There will be few comforts or routines for you in the next season. That doesn’t mean you can’t take delight in things and look forward to a settling, but those are not the goals.

You will see many things that trouble you but you will be hesitant to say anything or make any judgments because you are questioning everything and are unsure of your own self. Don’t be hard on yourself but go with the flow . . . bring it all to me and let’s talk about it.

As you follow me through the unclear routes of these next few months, this will become your default and your comforts and hopes and dreams will change. Anything is up for grabs and the sky is the limit. Bring your concerns to me and yet be willing to sit in your discomforts, knowing that there is a plan and it is not to settle you down, but to redo and refine. Your thoughts may seem jumbled. Your body will feel tired. Your spirit may feel restless. Your soul will cry out for something ‘stable’.

This is only for a season . . . but it is a supernatural season, and it will make all things beautiful in the end. Transformation is in progress and you are learning to rely on me and come to me when you feel stuck. I know you feel stuck and powerless. There is nowhere to go for help other than to me. Your heart knows this and both loves as well as despises this fact. In the despising and frustration, you will learn to see beyond the details into the grand perspective and that will be your comfort. The details of life are not going to matter as much to you when we are through. Because your heart will be more attuned to me.

Try to find joy every day even in the pain. Make the resolve to float and relax when you want to press through and make something happen. The more you fight, the harder this will be, and the longer the process may last. Choose to trust me and that I have amazing gifts planted all along your path. The confusion will seem to last forever, but only as long as it takes to get your heart and mind recalibrated.

This is your destiny and it is freeing, joyful, and powerful. The cocoon begins today—the mushing and breaking down is next, and then after some waiting, healing, and reconstruction, you will take flight as a totally different creature and you will fly places that before were unimaginable to you.”

Please feel free to comment on your own process 🙂

Butterfly Process

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