Characteristics of a trustworthy dream interpreter

Characteristics of a Trustworthy Dream Interpreter

Characteristics of a trustworthy dream interpreterBefore we purchase a product or use someone’s services, we normally check for quality assurance to avoid costly mistakes and to make sure we invest wisely. We can search Google for feedback, consult experienced friends, ask for references, or contact the Better Business Bureau. We act with deliberate faith and power when we know what we are getting ourselves into.

This principle is true if you are a dreamer searching for help in understanding your dreams. Dream interpreters are much like any spiritual advisor, counselor, or professional—they listen to you and speak their ‘feedback’ into your mind and spirit. In this day and age, it is wise to discern the intentions and abilities of such a person before you give them any authoritative voice in your life.

Questions to ask a prospective dream interpreter:

1. Where and how were you trained? Answers vary vastly—anywhere from “I went to dream school for 10 years and have interpreted thousands of dreams under supervision,” to “I took a psychology class in college,” to “I read a book,” to “I have interpreted two of my friends’ dreams and know what I’m doing.” You can ask for referrals to make sure the interpreter has a good, accurate track record.

2. What dream interpretation method do you use? There are roughly four major, most popular approaches in dream interpretation, vastly different in perspective—Freudian, Jungian, Ancient Hebraic, and Artificial Intelligence. Each is unique regarding the perceived Source of dreams. As you interview your interpreter, you will be able to quickly clue into which one he or she uses. More about these dream interpretation approaches are on my website.

3. What is your spiritual belief system? This question aligns closely with the methods of dream interpretation. Is the prospective interpreter more psychologically or intellectually-oriented, more attuned toward earth-based spirituality, or a follower of Jesus? Their belief system determines the source of their interpretative information.

4. Are you confidential (trustworthy) and how can I know I am safe with you? When you share a dream with an interpreter, you are sharing a sacred, intimate piece of your life. You want to make sure your interpreter will listen to you and not turn around and post your dream on their website or talk to anyone about what insight they have gleaned from you.

5. What kind of ‘warranty work’ do you offer? Does the interpreter warmly invite you to ask questions or give feedback? Do they take time to answer your emails or explain what you don’t understand? And what if over time, it becomes apparent they might have been mistaken….will they be willing to process the situation with you? Are they teachable and willing to learn along with you? Beware of someone who isn’t willing to answer your questions or maintain some type of accountability or honesty with you. Discern if they are truly caring….for the best about YOU.

Personally, I believe that excellent dream interpreters exhibit integrity in every area of their life. They will also interpret dream-truths with a high level of skill, experience, and encouragement, with kind, not critical words, treating the dreamer with honor—because both dreamers and interpreters enter into holy ground when delving into dreams. Good interpreters take time to hear the dream, process it, pray through it, give it their very best attention—so that the dreamer can receive the dream message to the fullest degree.

A dream rightly interpreted can radically change our life by releasing spiritual understanding of our current circumstances, answers to dilemmas we may be experiencing, and directions to step more fully into our life’s destiny or calling.

Pay attention to your dreams! And choose your “Voices” wisely.


Characteristics of a Trustworthy Dream Interpreter

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