Creative Dreaming

Creative Dreaming

Creative DreamingIn reality, we humans create virtually nothing by ourselves. I believe that we primarily receive inspiration from our creator, who imparts ideas to prompt our expressive productivity. We welcome, process, then fashion the revelation into something new that the world has never witnessed before, sometimes through creative dreaming.

Many times dreams are the source of new products to create, business ideas, art and music, solutions to puzzles, scientific thought, teachings to develop, out-of-the-box philosophies.

Consider a few examples:

  • Albert Einstein developed his theory of relativity (E = MC2) through a series of 19 dreams
  • A skateboard was invented because of a dream
  • Sewing machine originated from a dream (Elias Howe)
  • Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein came outlined through a dream
  • Famous recipes, songs, artwork, movies developed through dreams
  • Stephen King says many of his novel ideas originate in his dreams
  • Paul McCartney’s song, “Yesterday” was inspired by a dream

Personally, I regularly wake up humming fresh, unwritten melodies, or with my spirit stirred by new blog or teaching concepts, intriguing thoughts to pursue, artsy notions that make me want to visit the local craft store.

I wonder how many of us do not consider ourselves to be creative, yet we do receive ‘technicolor theories’ in our dreams.

Do we pay attention? Or do we possibly dismiss potential delights of designing inspired imaginings?

Perhaps if we realize that God is speaking to us by giving creative dreams, we may discover that we do have an inventive capability—so that we might use dream interpretation as encouragement to embrace our wild, creative ingenuity.

Follow those creative dreams—and bless us all!

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