A Dreamy Kingdom Not-so-Fairy Tale (based on a real dream)

A Dreamy Kingdom Not-so-Fairy Tale (based on a real dream)

A Dreamy Kingdom Not-so-Fairy Tale (based on a real dream of mine)A Dreamy Kingdom Not-so-Fairy Tale (based on a real dream).  Once upon a time, an older married couple quit their jobs working for other people so that they could follow their hearts’ desires to serve people in the Kingdom in their own unique way, using the gifts and abilities they had quietly and painstakingly nurtured for many years.

They began trying their hands at entrepreneurship, learning the ropes and weathering the setbacks and unexpected losses and costs. However, they were delighted to plow up the new ground and follow the instructive melody of the Voice—the leader of the Kingdom and the one the couple longed to serve and please.

One morning, in a dream, the couple found themselves being chauffeured—by the Voice—in a travel trailer on a long journey. They did not know the destination, but they knew they needed to be prepared for anything. They experienced a sense of excitement for possibilities ahead. They trusted the Voice’s choice and guidance for their ultimate stopping place.

The road seemed endless, touched at times by weariness and discouragement, and the scenery at times was bleak, flat, brown (kind of like Abilene, Texas in the winter time).

In the dream, midway through their journey, the couple stopped by the side of the road and discovered a desolate house for sale. A dormant rose garden caught their eye—they could revive it and enjoy a place of beauty! Inside, the kitchen was torn up and needed lots of repair. The homeowner promised to fix it up if they were to buy the house and move in. The driveway looked like a runway—this place had potential, they thought. They immediately considered purchasing the house, even though they had not even seen the other rooms.

Just then, knowing their thoughts, the Voice scooped them up, cradling them gently, and whisked them high up into the sky, where together, they could visualize the ‘bigger picture’, including the road yet ahead to travel. Then, the Voice spoke into their ears, “Don’t settle.”

The couple immediately received deep in their hearts the message of encouragement, “Don’t settle down yet. Don’t settle for less. This isn’t where it ends, there is MORE. Though you are weary, you are still in transition, not yet to your next assignment. Distractions will arise on your path to tempt you to quit the journey mid-way, and to invest your resources in less-than-ideal enterprises, but if you follow the Voice, you will arrive at the right time to fulfill your destiny.”

Moral of the story: Listen to your dreams, trust the Voice, and don’t give up too soon—you never know what is just around the corner. Enjoy the journey. And remember—you are never alone.

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