Feeling Blue? Possible Meanings of Blue in Dream Interpretation

Feeling Blue? Possible Meanings of Blue in Dream Interpretation

Feeling Blue? Possible Meanings of Blue in Dream InterpretationWhat color ARE you today, and why? What is your favorite color? Which colors are the most prominent in your life, in your house—and in your dreams?

Understanding the possible meanings of colors in dreams is crucial to accurately unlock night-time messages.

I love blue. It used to be my favorite color as a child, until a boy I didn’t like told me that he loved when I wore blue, and blue clothing was all I had in my closet.

Sometimes you can ‘see’ a color surrounding a person—like an aura or a misty atmosphere—that clues you into his or her personality or how they are feeling that day.

Colors typically have both positive and negative potential meanings in dream interpretation.

Positive possibilities of blue: Communion, healing, spiritual, revelation, loyalty
Negative: depression (“I am feeling blue”), anxiety, cold, sorrow

I experience regular, vivid BLUE dreams.

In one dream, I looked and saw a blue man standing by the back door. He wasn’t doing anything—just standing there, waiting. In my dream I asked him who he was, and he said, ‘I am depression”. I told him to leave, I didn’t want him in my house. He left.

In real life, I had been battling some mild depression—it was on the verge of making itself at home in my life, and with this dream, it disappeared.

Recently I had a dream ten or so times during the night, where BLUE ‘rushed’ to me. The Blue would shoot at me like cannonballs. I would reach for them and they would explode all over me. I woke up each time with excitement and exhilaration.

As I had these dreams, I began to receive a constant bubbling of new thoughts during the night and all throughout the day, cool ideas to write about that never seem to run dry. These divine revelatory downloads create an excited anticipation for me whenever I lie down to dream.

What color are you drawn to today? Perhaps you can take a minute to sense if there is a reason for that color—for your day.

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