Understanding and Responding to Recurring Dreams: Trash or Treasure?

Understanding and Responding to Recurring Dreams: Trash or Treasure?

Recurring dreams and their purposeHow often do you have a dream more than once? Or dream several dreams that are similar in nature, repeating over and over, in the span of several weeks….or many years? Recurring dreams seem to be the most significant ones to most dreamers, who often remain baffled about the interpretation and purpose.

Recurring dreams are usually given to keep reminding us that there is something happening in our life that needs to be dealt with. It is important for us to unlock the meaning of these dreams and take appropriate action. If we ‘get the message’ and respond accordingly, chances are good that these dream themes will cease and we can move on to other things.

Common recurring dreams often include loose teeth (indicating areas in our lives where we are needing understanding or processing), or experiencing fears that are being highlighted so that we will face them and not allow them to take us hostage.

I have discovered that usually, recurring dreams refer to something imminent, about to happen quickly—or, a scene we are in the middle of.

For a couple of months straight, I had the recurring dream that I suddenly came into ownership of a junk or antique store. In my dreams, the stores contained valuable antiques and treasures, but also a lot of junk, worthless items, as well as some weaknesses with the shop structure. In each of the dreams, I was sorting through the STUFF, potentially overwhelmed at the work that needed to be done, yet beyond ecstatic about the creative challenge of taking the old things and remaking them into useful, pretty items.

I pondered the recurring dreams, wondering which area of my life these dreams may apply to….my husband and I had been considering new business and personal ventures, possibly joining new groups or projects.

One morning I was walking and speculating, when Spirit whispered, “Your dreams are not about an event or venture—they are about the season you are in right NOW.”

Mystery solved! Truly that past month had been a whirlwind of activity for our family. A variety of trips, transition, trial, testing, and travail. It had been nothing short of rapid-fire, on-the-spot decisions and responses. Our trip to Burning Man, our son’s wedding, relatives, continual houseguests, rekindling long-term estranged relationships, facing my 30th high school reunion, business transitions, a major surgery—all had been challenging. Criticism, questions, people second-guessing our decisions, inner turmoil, fears of the future, uncertainties about money, how to handle pain, choices about which issues to smile at and ignore or which ones to grit the teeth and confront. Packed schedules, long ‘to-do’ lists, tension, lack of sleep, excitement, you get the picture.

The dreams make sense to me now. This season was not meant for me to muddle through and endure, but to receive and fully embrace, taking each momentary challenge, and responding wisely and graciously. Hopefully I am getting more efficient in briskly identifying the difference between trash and treasure, clearing the clutter, then creatively transforming the precious valuables into a beautiful display that is inviting and restorative to anyone who may enter into my ‘shop’.

I really enjoyed my antique shop dreams. I sort of hoped that there might be a literal aspect of these dreams—I might enjoy owning a shop some day. But for now, redeeming all of the positives AND negatives in my life and exhibiting their creative beauty and strength to the best of my ability—is my ultimate priority.

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