What Color Are Your Dreams?

What Color Are Your Dreams? Colors in Dream Interpretation

What Color Are Your Dreams? Conquer Colorblindness in Dream InterpretationCan you imagine life without color? Flowers, sunsets, cars, clothing, advertising, the hue of our baby’s eyes—we draw inspiration from the beauty and creativity of color. Beautiful light and color wash our world with wonder.

Understanding the importance of coloring is critical to dream interpretation. There is much to say on this subject–here are a few basic principles:

  • Pay attention to particular hues, values and intensities of colors. It is also important to distinguish between dreaming in full color, muted or darkened colors, or black and white.
  • Remember that colors generally have positive AND negative meanings—possible flip sides like a coin (wearing a green shirt = you are ‘clothed’ in vitality/prosperity—or possibly jealousy).
  • Colors will enhance or confirm meanings of symbols. They ‘shade’ the details. We look at the ‘weight’ of the color in the context of the dream to discern the most probable symbolism. Wearing red shoes vs. blue shoes differentiates specific qualities we are ‘walking in’.
  • Color meanings differ widely among people groups. Various cultural and spiritual groups interpret color uniquely and often seem contradictory (for example, Native American heritage, Biblical examples, Chakras, etc.)

To further understand color in dreams, examine cultural phrases, idioms, and uses. Consider what the color may mean to you. How might the dream situation be different if a different color (red rather than blue) was used instead. Do you have sentiments or a history with this color?

Exceedingly vital—ask the Dream Giver to enlighten you regarding the purpose of a particular color in your dream. With Spirit’s guidance, you can decipher your dreams with flying colors.

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