What Goes Into a Dream Interpretation?

What Goes Into a Dream Interpretation?

What Goes Into a Dream Interpretation?When someone asks me to interpret their dream, I take their request very seriously. Sharing their dream with me instantly puts us both on ‘holy ground’, because dreams reveal crucial and timely issues in the dreamer’s life, often surprising things the dreamer might not realize at the time. We enter into sacred space—something I always choose to honor, respect, and keep confidential.

Even most of the ‘weird’ dreams, the ones that the dreamers are tempted to dismiss as pizza dreams, can be symbolic and potentially important.

Personal interaction with the dreamer, either face-to-face, or online, is the treasure of it all for me. I love solving puzzles, hearing Spirit’s revelation about a dream, and sharing what I sense with the dreamer.

To interpret a dream, an interpreter learns to ‘walk’ through the dream as the dreamer tells the story…we put ourselves in the place of the dreamer, to imagine the action, to see it, hear it, smell it, to feel it. We need to experience the WHOLE dream, not just a piece.

The internal questions flow. Here are just a few that quickly tick through an interpreter’s mind: When did the dream happen? Who is the focus or the central character? Who is the dream about? Is the dream about this person? What is the source of the dream, light or dark, or self? What type of dream is it? What purpose does it serve? What is the main theme? What are the main symbols, and what do they represent? What are details that are important, or not important, and what do they mean? Is this a recurring dream? What was/is going on in the dreamer’s life? And so forth….

What goes into a dream interpretation? dream symbols, LionOften, symbols require study or research. (Like, what does a lion represent? In our culture? In ancient writings? In another culture? Is it positive or negative in the dream? What color is it? What are its characteristics? What is it doing? What does it mean to the dreamer?) A good interpreter has many symbolic possibilities memorized, but it still takes time to determine the most ‘weighty’ choice in any given dream.

Then, there’s the prayer part. If the dream is from God, it takes time to pray through it and listen for Spirit’s message to the dreamer—straight from the heart of God. What does Spirit want the dreamer to know? Why is the dream given? To miss out on reaching this part is to miss out on the true purpose of dream interpretation.

Interpreting dreams doesn’t have to be a totally serious or heavy process, but in most cases, it takes a lot of time and mental energy to do it right. Those of you that I have worked with know that I work a dream thoroughly, often diagramming it out, searching diligently to find accurate, encouraging wording to convey my interpretation. And if I’m sensing anything else about the dreamer, I might find a way to add those ideas as well if it is appropriate.

(Subliminal hint: Everyone, including dream interpreters, only have a certain amount of time and mental energy per day, so they can’t possibly say “Yes” to interpret the many dreams that people email or send through Facebook. See my ‘Preamble to Dream Interpretation’ Blog).

I love to banter with dreamers, asking and answering quick dream questions, and our dream team does a lot of interpreting on the spot during our dream reach-outs.

But if I agree to interpret your dream, I would be remiss to not give it my full energy. Even with lots of training and practice, I’ve learned that every dream—and every dreamer—is unique. No two dreams are exactly alike, and they deserve individual focus. And I’ll give yours my very best—it’s a precious labor of love.

P.S. Click here if you are reading and would like to experience an interpretation for one of your dreams….by Destiny Dreamz


What Goes Into a Dream Interpretation?

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