Why Pay for Dream Interpretation?

Why Pay for Dream Interpretation?

Why should I pay for a dream interpretation? Since my recent blog writing addresses the Whys and the Hows of dream interpretation, I thought it would be perfect timing, if such a thing is possible, to process the oft-repeated touchy question, “Why do you charge for dream interpretation?”

Will interpret dreams for food! I try not to get defensive when people ask. After all, I do a lot of outreach—free stuff—but those venues often cost me beaucoup buckaroos. I built and maintain my dream website that is packed with lots of really cool, FREE stuff–but it costs money to host it. Dream interpreters have bills to pay, just like everyone else.

Why should my massage therapist charge for her massages? What gives lawyers the right to charge for their expertise? Why should I have to pay for haircuts? Anyone who provides service most likely comes from a background of training, practice, and a wealth of experience.

Perhaps the main reason folks balk at paying for dream interpretation is the mindset that if it is a ‘spiritual’ service, it should be free. People have told me, “You have freely been given a gift, so therefore, you should also give it away—freely.” True, and most ministers I know do—give, give, give.

If following this reasoning, pastors, teachers, spiritual counselors, any kind of minister should devote all their time to helping people without hoping to receive any compensation.

It requires great personal resources to develop insight and accuracy—much of my money and time were invested in learning to develop my gift of dream interpretation and to train other interpreters.

How does one put a price on their gift?

Currently I charge $35 for a dream interpretation on my website, a figure quite low compared to most of my other colleagues. We keep costs low for interpretations—and classes. One friend of mine on the web charges $400 per interpretation and she seems to be thriving.

It is not so much about the money—though everyone needs money to make ends meet in the world. I have been taught to honor the ones who bless me—both with words as well as with money. If they have ‘sown’ good things into me, then I will benefit by ‘sowing’ or giving back into their lives.…so that they can continue doing what they do best. We recognize value by putting our ‘stamp of approval’ on it.

If someone spends time pouring wisdom into my life, rather than sporting a ‘gimme’ attitude on my part, I want to bless them back, and giving money is a good way to say, “I think you are a good, quality source in life for me to support.”


Why Pay for Dream Interpretation?

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