Consider the Source: Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie?

Consider the Source: Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie?

Consider the Source: Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie?Today at lunch, my fortune cookie told me, “You are the mast of everything situation.” Huh? Everyone else’s cookies said something intelligible and nice. As I puzzled and chuckled about mine, I thought of how my cryptic ‘fortune’ reminds me of ‘prophetic words’ and ‘blessings’ I have received from people over the years.

The people who give them usually mean well, though some are just plain mean. It takes time and energy to interpret and weigh all the voices and messages to the point where you can either understand them and take them in—or reject them. You don’t want to accept something false into your spirit that could harm you, nor ignore something significant and true that would help you. You cannot believe everything you hear.

You have to discern the Source. And examine the ‘fruit’. Is it true? Reliable? Does it produce peace?

Everyone is hungry for guidance, for supernatural direction in life. Some of my friends look to the stars, or ask their spirit guides for answers, some go ‘within’ to contemplate.

Horoscopes are popular with many people, as well as psychic readings. Maybe some folks even consider a fortune cookie a source of wisdom or truth.

Personally, I take my questions and needs for revelation to Spirit, Creator, The Light—who has never led me down a wrong path, though the answers are not always clearly defined. Consulting insightful friends for their perceptions and prayer also helps us embrace the wiser things that will keep us on track.

At the Mint treasury and at banks, the money handlers are trained to spot counterfeit bills by spending time familiarizing themselves with the REAL thing. Once they know how it looks and feels, they can easily recognize the phony money.

Hopefully with practice and experience, we get proficient at determining the source and health of prophetic words spoken to us. And be more mindful of our own words toward others.

All of this from an incoherent fortune cookie!


Consider the Source: Wisdom from a Fortune Cookie?

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