Dream Declarations for dreamers and sleep

Dream Declarations for Dreams and Sleep

Declarations for dreams and sleep

Dream it and live it

Our words have powerful influence when we speak them out loud for the whole universe to hear, but they radically transform us when we say things for our own ears and hearts to listen and believe. I talk to myself all the time. Do you?

What are you saying to yourself? Hopefully you are being kind to yourself, because everyone needs encouragement and building up instead of tearing down.

I’ve been working with a life coach for a season, and part of my daily assignment is to speak positive affirmations over myself—to reinforce good things until I really, really believe them.

Since I am a dream interpreter and talk to lots of dreamers, I am noticing many people seem stuck in their dream life with various issues—not remembering their dreams, dreams getting interrupted at night, troublesome nightmares, and insomnia.

I’ve experienced those seasons as well, so I’m sharing a portion of the things I regularly say to myself regarding sleep and dreams. Doing so turns things around. Perhaps you would like to try and see for yourself if you want to gain more dreamy momentum.

Print these Dream Declarations out, put them by your bed and read them out loud before you go to sleep. Do it for 30 days and see if you notice a huge difference in your dream life:

I believe that my dreams can unlock my personal potential and true identity.

I value dreams and honor their purpose in my life.

My dreams give me direction for my day and for my destiny.

Receiving dreams and understanding their meaning is my ‘normal’.

I go to sleep in peace and prepare the way for nighttime revelation to be released into my mind, body, and spirit.

I sleep and rest deeply, without interruption or anxiety, so every cell in my body and mind gets fully rejuvenated.

My sleep is undisturbed by the stresses of life. I lay it all down and experience the gift of REST.

I dedicate my sleep time for Divine encounters only. No negativity allowed.

My bedroom is an open portal for the Supreme Dream-giver and the Spirit of Truth to speak to me during the night.

I lie down safe and protected at night to sleep and dream.

I receive an abundance of dreams to give me plenty of revelation for my life.

I remember my dreams upon awakening and journal them so they are recorded for future reference.

My dreams are not snatched away upon awakening…every important detail is imprinted in my memory.

I am changed as I dream.

I receive much-needed encouragement given to me in my dreams.

My spirit is energized during my dreamtime.

I choose to embrace a symbolic way of looking at life and my dreams.

As a result, I see my circumstances and the world from higher perspectives.

I am strengthened in every way as I dream.

I understand myself in deep ways as I pay attention to my dreams.

As issues are revealed in my life, I take swift action to deal with them so I can stay on the best course of direction.

I easily grasp the meanings of my dreams.

I quickly apply my dream messages to situations in my life and notice increasing favor, acceleration, and promotion.

I eagerly anticipate my daily ‘marching orders’ from my dreams so I can live my day intentionally with open eyes and heart.

I am a prolific dreamer and a dream interpreter deluxe.

I am adept and wise in helping other dreamers determine the meaning of their dreams.

Dream interpretation is an invaluable tool that I can use to bless people in my life.

My spiritual eyes and ears, as well as all my other senses, are fully awakened as I dream to experience supernatural downloads.

My dreams define who I am and how I operate in the world.

I regularly experience my Creator’s gentle, transforming touch as I sleep and dream, and live a supernaturally empowered life as a result.

My hopes and promises are revealed in my dreams, and I am listening!

Sweet dreams, y’all!


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