Pioneer power and paving the way for others

Pioneer Power

Pioneer power and paving the way for othersA funny thing often happens on the way to follow your life’s calling. You discover what you love to do, what you are gifted at, and once you fully commit to ‘go for it’—you invest heavily of all of your resources to get educated and forge forward. The way is difficult, but glorious—as the horizon comes into view! You turn to celebrate with your friends, only to find that no one has followed you.

Such seems to be the experience of the pioneer. Uncharted wilderness beckons you to venture out, traveling light, plowing and breaking rocky ground—with your FACE. You question and analyze your mission, your approach, even your own sanity, because nothing seems to go smoothly. No one can define success or failure, because the guidebook hasn’t been written yet. You get to brave all sorts of dangers, pitfalls, unknown elements, and dark places, because most folks are too fearful or uninterested to accompany you.

It takes supernatural strength to conquer new territory AND endure the disparaging attacks of the ‘normal’ status quo opinions ‘back home’.

People describe you as ‘weird’ or ‘misguided’ because they do not understand the pull on your spirit, the dreams that compel you, the Voice that no one else hears that encourages, “You can do this—you’re making an eternal difference for multitudes by your willingness and faith to stand alone as a trailblazer.” In the process, you come to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it is God that leads and empowers you in the challenge.

Because of Destiny’s Direction, you go where no man has gone before, wielding revolutionary approaches, hoping to show others that ‘it’ can be done, even if you are not quite sure yourself how it will eventually work out. After you do the groundbreaking, you can summon the others to tell them what lies ahead—to assure them that the way is ‘viable’.

Keep up the good work! Your loving labor and extravagant cost is not wasted. If you’ve been called, you will also be equipped for the journey.

It takes time for anything innovative to get established and become standardized. Followers will catch on, and then go faster and farther than you, but only because you’ve prepared the way and paved the road for them to travel on.

In good character, you can delight in their progress and cheer them on as they push past to re-work and rebuild your efforts into something even better.

But you may not ever realize the full results—because you’re a pioneer at heart, and you are probably already dreaming about . . . your NEXT assignment.

“Don’t become so well-adjusted to your culture that you fit into it without even thinking. Instead, fix your attention on God. You’ll be changed from the inside out.” Romans 12:2


Pioneer Power

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