Rise Above!

Rise Above!

perspectiveEver had one of those days, weeks, or even seasons where nothing seems to go your way? In fact, opposition from every angle threatens to strangle the life out of everything you try to accomplish. You can’t seem to rise above!

Extended periods of troubles seems to provoke not just weariness, but a hopelessness if we do not quickly see welcome light at the end of a tunnel of despair.

Financial lack, relationship squabbles, persistent health battles—all take their toll on our peace. Add to that all the persistent pesky problems that plague us, like sitting in standstill traffic, technology bugs, feeling the pressure of too many tasks to accomplish. Not to mention the long-term fears that often wake us up in a middle-of-the-night-panic about our future.

You are not alone!

We all experience difficulties that seem like obstacles to our happiness, but the truth is, without these trials, we do not tend to grow in strength or character. We NEED challenges to grow, but rarely would we ever choose the process because of the pain involved in the stretching.

A leader of mine says that worry is meditation on the wrong things. Truth!

When we find ourselves in a discouragement funk, we really need to be able to rise above the problems, to try to glimpse the bigger picture of what is happening and where we are headed.

Sometimes those flying dreams we experience accomplish this if we realize what is happening. When we see from a higher viewpoint—the Divine Perspective—then we rise above and find the peace to proceed with confidence, trusting for a productive outcome.

Survival tips:

  • Welcome the trials. In doing so, you are saying you are ready for expansion! You set the course for overcoming with a winning attitude.
  • Don’t panic, freeze, avoid, ignore, or resist. Buckle down and engage—tackle the problems head-on, as quickly as possible, thus avoiding unnecessarily extended discomfort.
  • Take it as a compliment that you are chosen at this time for this struggle. It means you are able to handle it. If you were not making a difference in the world, you probably would not be facing the opposition that is coming against you.
  • Accept that there is purpose in what you are experiencing.  As you walk in victory, you step further into your destiny. In those areas where you overcome, you have greater ability to help others succeed as well. You gain authority and become the ‘expert’ that can help others navigate similar struggles.
  • Don’t try to escape. The only way out of a situation is usually through it. If you try to skirt around it, you may find yourself in a similar position in the near future because you need to learn a lesson that is invaluable for your success. Put a spring in your step, rise above, and lock horns with the opposition until you win!
  • Stop whining. The more you complain, the more you hear yourself spread negativity and make the situation even worse. A humorous outlook and a grateful heart keep the gloomies in check.

We live in a bad news world. Many folks live on the very edge of miserable. Everyone has struggles, and isn’t it refreshing to experience smiles and quiet trust from someone in the midst of a storm?

Everyone needs encouragement. We can rise above and help others along the way even when we lack clarity for our own situation. Be the light in those dark places, even when you feel temporarily dimmed.

For me, knowing who I am and what my purpose in life is, gives me the hope I need to persist and not give up. I know I am going somewhere, that I have great things yet to accomplish, and that I need to learn skills and strategies along the way to get to where I am going.

What more could we ask than for challenges to propel us into our destiny?  If we cooperate, joy manifests in our Dream Journey and we are made whole in the process.

OK, world, BRING IT ON!!

Rise Above!

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