To My Son on his Wedding Day

To My Son on his Wedding Day

The Big Day has finally arrived—your wedding day–the day that you publicly, officially promise your heart, your life, and your love to Sweetie Christina, whom we adore and wholeheartedly affirm as the most excellent wife for you.

To My Son on his Wedding DayBrady, you have blessed me! I’m grateful for the time that we’ve had together as mother and son that has shaped both of us into better people. I appreciate the way you’ve openly shared your thoughts and struggles with your father and me. You’ve taught me a lot and I am constantly amazed at your abilities, your spiritual strength, your creativity, and your potential. Your ideas, out-of-the-box thinking, and know-how blow me away. I do still want to adopt more of your sense of humor!

Once you embrace an interest, you stick with it . You are consistent and loyal. During your early years, your favorite pastimes were: Batman, and Legos.

Every birthday or Christmas we knew what gifts would capture your imagination. More Batman toys. More Legos. I’ve always thought that these represented the beginnings of what you are called to be and do—prophetic pictures of your destiny.

Even though you have grown up and your ‘toys’ have gotten more sophisticated, you still fiercely pursue and exhibit:

(Think Batman)–Wanting to do what is right in relationships, exposing negative schemes and potential villains, seeking justice in every situation. Your heart is as good as gold, you never speak ill against anyone, you are quick to forgive, never hold grudges. You have practiced, battled through many difficult situations, and you ARE skilled at warfare of all kinds—you have what it takes—to continue the fight for your wife, for your family and loved ones, your business, for the world.

(Think Legos)—You are a Builder. Combining little ‘pieces’ to transform them into ‘masterpieces’ with your special touch. Always envisioning bigger and better inventions, sounds, business ideas. Always asking, ‘How can I make this better?” Every gadget you acquire, you quickly explore its limits by loading it up and testing those limits—and then figure out how to exceed its quantum capabilities. It is a value you hold—of expanding potential. You may not be fully aware of how you challenge the people around you to expand by being an example of allowing God to push you past your limits, stretching you and training you to carry and sustain increasing weight.

I bless that visionary part of you that sees sights and hears sounds that have not been created yet…the yearning you feel to take these and make them reality…the constant building and fashioning…sometimes seeing fruit at the end, and sometimes impatient because it takes time for your visions to solidify and come together.

I bless you and Christina in your building and crusading in life together. May God blend your gifts and abilities together as you seek new visions on the horizon. Add Christina’s skill for details and radiant flair to make your dreams become a combined adventurous reality. May you always continue to burst out in wacky song, corny joke, or spontaneous water fights or middle-of-the-night rainstorm dances. May you both continue to desire and pursue the best of everything in life. I believe it is Creator’s intention that you receive even more than you ask for or imagine!

I love you!

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