Truth and Reality from a Divine Perspective

Truth and Reality from a Divine Perspective

Truth and Reality from a Divine PerspectiveQuite often when we experience transition in our lives, it can mirror similar shifts in our surrounding spiritual atmosphere at the same time. We may dream of something happening, and then it does. This serves as a physical reminder of the fact that we are the blessed recipients of divine communication.

Things unseen and unperceived, with little tangible tripping truth reminders, are happening all around us, but how aware are we of what is really ‘going down’—so that we can cooperate with positive change, or fight to reverse a negative progression?

What do we do with what we ‘see’ or ‘hear’, or perceive, from our senses, intuition, from people around us, from our dreams, from Spirit? Do we trust that what we are being shown is reliable information, test it, and then act on it?

Or do we dismiss it, thinking we are making it up on some level, not giving credibility to revelation or insights that may not seem concrete enough? How much trust do we put into how circumstances seem to appear to us? Are we able to peer behind the scenes to identify spiritual forces in action?

How would we live our days differently if our eyes and hears could discern with absolute certainty the truths surrounding our choices, our jobs, our loved ones? If we could see what others do not, would we act confidently on information—even if it looks strange or contrary to popular belief—trusting that everything will work out better in the end?

Ancient scriptures tell us to ‘fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen,” because “what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.”

Your circumstances may not actually be what they appear….there is much more going on in your life in hidden ways that are often illustrated and confirmed by events in the natural. There is always MORE than what you can see, believe, or imagine for your life. You can listen for it, look for it, bank on it, trust it with all your heart, believe it, hope for it, work toward it, take courage and then GO for it!

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