Unleashing the Leashed

Unleashing the Leashed

Unleashing people are are leashedIn the past two months I have begun to notice something new as I go about my daily activities. I’m not a ‘psychic’ but I ‘see’ stuff. It is normal for me to sense emotions or struggles from within a person near me, or to ‘know’ something about someone I’m getting ready to meet. The big question is, ‘What do I do with what I see?”

Themes often develop as I enter new learning seasons.

Lately I have been seeing and thinking about—leashes.

It started when I was visiting Las Vegas a few weeks ago. I saw an older man walking through an extremely crowded room with a scantily-clad, stiletto-heeled woman. He was ‘leading’ her around using a bling-studded leash—fastened to a spiked collar around her neck.

The sight stopped me dead in my tracks. Lots of questions flooded my mind. I felt sorry for anyone choosing to walk around in public like that. And I watched that poor lady get jerked around. I asked Spirit to show me what was going on, and the answer was, “Pray for them, pay attention, keep watching.”

Then, as I was walking through a casino early the next morning, I saw another man wearing a stretchy lanyard around his neck, attached to a credit card—that was inserted into a slot machine. His red, bleary eyes and the look on his face told me he had been gambling all night and was way down on his ‘luck’, with a cigarette in one hand and a beer in the other. He was tethered to that slot machine via ‘leash’.

The more I observed, the more I began to ‘see’ people and their chains, or the things they choose to ‘leash’ themselves to. Leashes are tools intended for restraint and control, mainly for animals. (For toddlers, too, though that subject is controversial). And many of the unhealthy ‘people leashes’ probably start out harmless or entertaining for awhile, but become addictions that take control and do the leading. Who becomes the ‘master’ in charge?

Interestingly enough, after my trip to Las Vegas, I took my two little dogs out to our local trail for their usual walk and training time. They were on my heels when a young lady passed by with her dog on one of those long retractable leashes. She circled around me, screamed at me to ‘get control’ of my dogs, to get them out of her way, and she threatened me—she did this several times. I have felt blindsided by her rage—over a leash? (or maybe not)! Are these coincidental timings of ‘leash’ situations? I don’t think so!

I’m discovering that more and more people are leashed to terrors, ruts, and angers that deeply restrict their quality of life. They are bonded to things that may seem invisible to the average eye. And they do not know how to get free.

What is the purpose for receiving these pieces of revelation?

With knowledge comes responsibility—are we willing to look beyond people’s scary or puzzling actions—to offer a smile in response, an encouraging word, a listening ear, or a helping hand toward freedom? We are to ask—what is behind that behavior? Not to judge, but to have compassion, to be willing to help.

Perhaps with love, we can Usher in an Ultimate Unleashing.



Unleashing the Leashed

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