Lose weight now! Weight Loss! Lose up to 2,000 Pounds (about a Ton) In 21 Days or Less--And Keep It OFF

Weight Loss! Lose up to 2,000 Pounds In 21 Days or Less–And Keep It OFF

Lose weight now! Weight Loss! Lose up to 2,000 Pounds (about a Ton) In 21 Days or Less--And Keep It OFFWe’ve all experienced it. Your diet plan has been going great. You’ve worked hard to maintain healthy weight and yet you’ve hit a slump where you are experiencing a heaviness and sluggishness in your life. The masses of pressures are proving difficult to shift—spiritually speaking.

How do we reduce the load and get ourselves streamlined and functioning with better balance?

Spiritual Weight Loss Tips:

1. Assess your health and weight situation. Ask yourself how much unnecessary load you currently bearing. Are you carrying too much of the weight of the world on your shoulders? In what areas are you healthy? Where do you need to make some changes?

Make the commitment to do what is necessary. Whet your appetite for victory!

2. Find the right diet plan. Choose what is healthy and feed your mind and spirit on what builds you up and cleanses you. Cut out the spiritual junk food that saps energy and time, the stuff that drags you down. Things like over-busyness, spending too much money, negative people, obsessive worrying.

Listen to your dreams. Point your inner compass toward long-term preparation, exercising strengths, and reaching your life-goals. Know ‘where’ you will BE when you get where you are going.

3. Start! No procrastination, no excuses. Getting started is the most difficult part.

Expect some withdrawal toxicity—you may experience some doubts, cravings, fleshly turmoil that threatens to derail your progress. You can conquer! Just press through.

4. Use hunger to your advantage. When you are craving MORE, weigh your options wisely. Satisfy your longings with meaty, substantial sustenance for your spirit, things that will make you thrive. Stay away from dead, empty, quick fixes.

5. Exercise with a friend. Go to higher levels of expectancy and success by getting your friends to join you. This provides an atmosphere of support and accountability. It also helps you avoid self-analysis paralysis. We sharpen each other as we work together and encourage each others’ growth.

6. Lift weights. Give up your ‘hefty’ concerns. Release your burdens, guilts, expectations, and worries to the Higher Power—the One who knows you and loves you. The One who sees what you are carrying and wants to support you.

7. Stick with it. Experts say that doing something twenty-one days in a row creates a habit. Create the habit of letting go of the stuff that weighs you down. Embrace the joy that comes with being ‘lightened’. If you get stuck, be grateful for progress, and start again.

Imagine living life as the new, slimmer YOU—a lean machine able to fight any battle in life because you are fit and confident in spirit, not hindered in any way. You are even stronger because of the TONS that you have faced—and overcome.


Weight Loss! Lose up to 2,000 Pounds (about a Ton) In 21 Days or Less–And Keep It OFF

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