Wonderful, Wacky YOU!

Wonderful, Wacky YOU!

sheepuniqueInside each of us is a wonderful, wild, and wacky part of our personality that releases color and fun. It inspires us to think outside the box, to live our own upside-down, inside-out fairy tales that are filled with action, fascinating characters, and thrilling, twisting plots that catapult us into delightful zones of imagination. Wonderful, Wacky YOU!

We often put a cap on this part of us, keeping it hidden as we default into ‘boring’ routine, or we cave into pressure from others to ’keep things normal’ . . . so we don’t make waves or do anything to stand out from the crowd.

When we boldly step out and release some of our uniqueness, there are always critics ready to spit on that little spark of creativity. Have you ever noticed that it makes people uncomfortable when you dare to be uniquely you as you dance to a fancy music beat that only you can hear and appreciate?

It’s a life-long struggle for most of us—we long to sing our destiny song out loud and walk in our unique purpose, but we also fear being seen. We limit ourselves when we avoid the painful decries of the critics who make a fuss when we dare to shine brightly.

It takes effort and courage to put our real selves out there in the world to shimmer and shine.

Do we dare allow the critics to cut out the best scenes in our story? Will we allow our passions to be stifled or our sparkle dulled?

There is no other person exactly like you, with your skills, dreams, and abilities. The world needs YOU and all that you have to give.

This is the year, and now is the time to live in the moment, to rekindle your dreams, multiply your talents, embrace your inner wackiness, and redefine your world.

It is time to stand up for something worth fighting for, to challenge the demons and dragons of the world, especially if they scare you.

Make a difference in someone’s life and in the process, you will change your own. Don’t wait for a better time—there is none. This is your life and your story that you get to write and live out loud, in full color. You’ll inspire others to break out of routine and do the same.

This is the year for the world to get to appreciate and marvel at . . . the real YOU!


Wonderful, Wacky YOU!

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