Courage Dreams: Power and Authority

Courage Dreams: Power and Authority

Courage Dreams: Power and AuthorityI dreamed a couple of nights ago that someone laid out a grid of circles, each of them was labeled with an area of my life, and a hand was leading me to touch them and speak them out loud. The circles at first were gray, but as I touched and called them out, they turned into bright colors.

Then, a voice told me, “As you overcome in each one, you receive power and authority to operate in that sphere.”

I remember what some of the labels were, and others are fuzzy in my memory. I awoke feeling quite encouraged!

This is called a Courage dream. It fortifies, motivates, uplifts. A dream like this creates a grateful heart and makes a person want to get up and get on task in the morning.

Everyone has multiple challenges in life, some issues that take years to resolve, physical disabilities that never improve, rejection wounds that keep reopening, abuse that leaves deep scars, tragic pains that cause great grief.

I believe the message of this dream is true. When a person discovers, learns, changes, and works through life’s trials successfully, he is more able to recognize the symptoms in others and to help, with empathetic expertise. We need each other. Maybe if it takes me ten years to learn something, I can help a friend ‘get it’ in much less time.

How tender and sweet it is for the Creator, who knows us intimately, to fashion meaningful dreams specially designed for us that bring such wonderful dream interpretation inspiration to our spirits during the night!

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