Dreams to Prompt Prayer

Dreams to Prompt Prayer

Dreams to Prompt PrayerI believe every dream we receive potentially initiates a conversation with God. I love waking up in the mornings, pondering my dreams, journaling or sketching them, and talking to God about them. Our ‘conversation’ is always fresh and relevant, never boring or repetitive.

Every dream is given as an invitation to go deeper with God. In the process, we get to know him better and we receive much needed daily encouragement.

Specifically, though, many dreams are given to launch us into prayer regarding a particular person or situation. God’s heart desires to use us to ask for change, wisdom or protection!

Prayer dreams can take many forms:

  • If you are a leader, you may receive dreams about your followers—possible pitfalls as well as strengths within your organization
  • Dreams generally reveal information in your sphere of influence, but sometimes on a grander scale (your family or national politics)
  • You often wake up heavy with emotion for someone. You may see their face or name in your mind—during the day or night
  • You are flying around surveilling random scenes

If you are not the ‘main character’ of a dream, but primarily observing, chances are good the dream is not about you, but is showing you information you need to know and pray about

Dreams can show situations in present, past or future

Example: my son is often a late-night traveling musician, and when he is in transit, I will often dream about him being in a potential car wreck and wake up to pray for his safety. Many times, the next day, he reports hitting an ice slick or a deer at the exact time I was praying—and he was protected in those rough roadside ditches.

If we value dream interpreation and spend more time interacting with the Dream Giver about them, imagine how our lives might change!

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