Knowledge Dreams

Knowledge Dreams

Knowledge DreamsDo you ever find yourself knowing something about a situation or a person—that had come to you in a dream? Perhaps something no one would ever have told you, but it becomes valuable or even crucial to solving a problem or navigating through tricky circumstances. God often graciously gives us those ‘missing pieces’ just in perfect timing. These are called Knowledge dreams.

Many years ago, I worked for a credit company. I made people’s credit cards….entered important information and then babied a moody monster machine to imprint those cards. It was an old machine—and technology wasn’t what it is today (I’m not THAT old). That machine was the subject of many nightmares for me because something was always broken. Customers were always screaming for the new cards, always in a time crunch.

On one occasion, the repairman had been stumped for a couple of days, we couldn’t get that machine to operate, and work was backing up. That night I had a dream that showed me where the problem was….deep in the recesses of Moody Monster’s guts. I didn’t even know the names of the parts, but described it to the repairman, and Bingo! MM was fixed, at least until the next breakdown.

Not much later, I dreamed that I was being escorted from that lovely job to another place—in a white limousine. I looked back and didn’t recognize the building, but was thankful to be leaving. I heard a voice tell me that a huge upheaval was coming, and it was time for me to move on.

I gave my two weeks’ notice and told my boss that I believed a change was coming that would render the company unrecognizable. He seemed to think I was a little off my rocker. Shortly after I quit, however, the company was sold and most of the employees were ‘relieved of their duties’.

Because of these dreams and the fact that I valued dream interpretation, I was spared some heartache and stress.

God is so good in that way—he loves his children and if we pay attention, he is giving us vital life-information, details for each day. Knowledge dreams are one way he speaks to us—equipping us to better handle what is ahead. Or in understanding what has happened in the past.

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