Striking the Sweet Spot in Dream interpretation, purpose and why of a dream

Striking the Sweet Spot in Dream Interpretation

Striking the Sweet Spot in Dream interpretation, purpose and why of a dreamIf you are a student of dream interpretation, you know how crucial it is to think metaphorically in order to interpret dreams accurately. You learn the process of determining the focus of a dream—who or what the dream is about, what are the major or most important symbols, the minor or less critical symbols, and of course their possible parabolic meanings.

The more you practice, the better you get at knowing your colors, numbers, common themes, the sources of dreams, as well as summing up a dream’s meaning along the way.

In essence, it becomes second nature to Simplify, Symbolize, and Summarize. But we can’t forget the last step, the most important: Striking the Sweet Spot.

The sweet spot is not a bakery—it is the point or area on a bat, club, or racket which, when it comes into contact with the ball, results in a maximum response. If you master awareness of the sweet spot and learn how to ‘use your equipment/equipping’ correctly, you will shoot the ball directly where you are aiming, with ease.

What is ‘the sweet spot’ in dream interpretation? It is discerning the ‘WHY’ of the dream. It is not only knowing the message of the dream, but understanding why the dream was released to the dreamer.

We need to understand the purpose of the dream (see the list of dream types). Is it a warning? An encouragement dream? A dream giving direction or highlighting a fear that needs to be addressed?

What is the Dreamgiver’s heart and love message for the dreamer?

Without ‘nailing’ the sweet spot, our interpretations will fall flat and not connect deeply with the dreamer’s spirit.

To become an excellent dream interpreter, take time to go deeper and listen for how to deliver the message with purposeful impact. Dream message + Sweet Spot + your love for the dreamer = power to transform lives, one dream at a time!


Striking the Sweet Spot in Dream Interpretation

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