Wake Up! God Wants to Talk to You

Wake Up! God Wants to Talk to You

Wake up, God wants to talk to youYears ago when I started learning about dream interpretation, I began to understand that many of my dreams were given to me by God. I came to appreciate that he was communicating with me quite often during my sleep time. Did you know God speaks through dreams?

I also realized that he wanted my attention, and he seemed to grab it while I was knocked out cold on my pillow—because I was ignoring his voice during the day. I wasn’t tuning him out intentionally, I got busy and didn’t focus on much beyond my own daily stuff.

I recognized my degree of self-absorption and spiritual shallowness, and I knew that if I heard God’s voice and cooperated with his insight and assignments, I could function more efficiently and joyfully. Deeply grieved at my neglectful attitude, I gave God permission to interrupt me—day or night—to speak his heart to me.

I think that is when my sleep time dramatically decreased, with all kinds of dreamy adventures and messages stimulating and enlivening my spirit, mingling with physical rest—or most often, unrest.

Creator of the Universe seems to always have something to say. And what a difference it makes in life to listen—and understand!

How often to you wake up in the middle of the night, perhaps at 3 AM, for no apparent reason? Maybe you were dreaming something important and need to process the message. Or maybe Spirit desires to communicate with you, and this is a good time because there isn’t a whole lot else happening . . . except sleep. What might you miss out on if you dismiss this opportunity to respond, “I’m listening. Do you want to tell me something?”

My musician son spent a season traveling with his band, often all through the night, all over the country. Sometimes when they were on the road, I would wake up with the impression to pray for their safety. A couple of times, I had a dream that his car was skidding into a ditch or on ice. For a season, almost without fail, he would call and ask, “Mom, were you just praying for me (at 1:30 AM)? I just hit a deer and landed in a ditch, but all is well and there is not even any damage to my car. But the deer didn’t fare so well.”

What a precious opportunity to partner with Spirit to make a difference in the world!

Often I find myself during the day, feeling restless, unfocused, perturbed for no apparent reason. Or I wake up in the middle of the night, sweating with anxiety or fear of the unknowns in my life. Perhaps God has been knocking at my door, inviting me to spend time with him. I know I can quickly get back on the right track if only I take a little time to recalibrate in his Presence first.

I discovered that if we give God permission and ask for more focus, power, and direction, he likes to answer those prayers! So, if you dare, ask! You will probably get far less sleep. But the sizzling adventure is far worth a few less Zzzzzz’s.


Wake Up! God Wants to Talk to You

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