What Does God Think About You?

What Does God Think About You?

What Does God Think About You?Do you ever wonder what God REALLY thinks about you? Is he proud of who you are? Do you think he is disappointed in your choices? Picture yourself sitting across from God at Starbucks. He slowly leans forward, looks into your eyes, and says, “(Merry), let me tell you what I’ve been thinking about you this week….”

Would your pulse quicken and your eyes light up as you eagerly settle in to listen? Or would anxiety tempt you to excuse yourself to avoid the conversation?

Perhaps you might wonder how much he even considers you. Why should he care? He is God and you’re just a little blip on the radar. Maybe he has a lot bigger things to focus on.

However, we are told that he knew us before we were born. That he knows how many hairs are on our heads. That he sees and understands our hurts and needs. He consistently invites us to spend time with him, and I believe he has a lot of things that he wants to tell us, if only we will listen.

I think a huge reason we don’t take time to listen to him is because we are afraid we won’t hear anything. If we DO, we think we made it up. We doubt ourselves and aren’t familiar enough with God’s voice to know it when we hear it.

One of my mentors, Jim Driscoll, says, “Our revelator is next to our maker-upper.” Meaning that in our brain, the part that discerns Divine dialogue is in close proximity to our imagination, and we get the two confused sometimes. The processes of receiving revelation—and imagining—FEEL quite similar. Often, when God speaks, we think we dreamed it up—we don’t take his words seriously.

I give you a challenge this week: set aside a few minutes and go to a quiet place, perhaps even a coffee shop. Take a journal with you, pull up an empty chair, invite God to sit with you awhile, and ask him, “What do you think about me?” Write down what you ‘hear’–—in your thoughts, your ‘imagination’, any pictures that come to mind. Don’t censor, just listen and write.

It takes courage, but you may discover the most delightful, surprising thoughts that are beyond your imagination!

Come back and share what you heard. I would LOVE to hear what God thinks of . . . YOU!

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