Calling or Destiny Dreams

No matter what age, profession, or level of maturity you have achieved in life, you still have a Destiny ahead of you. Destiny incorporates the Big Picture of who you ARE as well as acts that you are called to accomplish along the way.

Because of our humanity and tendency toward distraction and shortsightedness, we frequently need revelation from the Divine One’s perspective. Often we may know the desired direction—minus details—and we are given dreams to confirm whether or not we are on the right track. Other times, stunning dreams awaken us to new possibilities for us to follow.

unlock, calling dreamsCalling or destiny dreams disclose additional stanzas of our Lifesong melodies. They remind us of our gifts and abilities, of our hopes, how to live, what we are designed to complete. Vocations unfold, the next project is unveiled, we receive a greater glimpse of the grander scale, with encouragement given to take the next step.

Seems like calling dreams are on the rise these days. A few recent ones that I have worked with include:

  • A young man swimming among dangerous waters, recognizes ancient gold coins at the bottom, then bravely dives deep to retrieve the lost treasures
  • Dreamer packed and ready to take off at the airport is double checking to make sure she is at the right ticket gateway
  • Dreamer considering entrepreneurship observes gold lettering being painted over the new office doors and is given a new gold key
  • Feeding people specialty seafood, running low on resources, but somehow continually having enough to keep serving more and more
  • A publishing agent hands the dreamer a proposal agreement and dispenses a list of subjects to write about
  • A dreamer, terrified of public speaking, gets up in front of a crowd and teaches quite eloquently—with authority and no fear

Difficulties of life can threaten to squash our hopes. We are pieces of a larger mosaic, most of us desiring to cooperate with the Creator to play our part into finished products. If we are not paying attention, we may miss heavenly dream cues sent via dream interpretations to guide us. Proverbs 29:18 says, “If people can’t see what God is doing, they stumble all over themselves; but when they attend to what he reveals, they are most blessed.”

May we receive, understand, and live the fulfilled and blessed life that is our destiny!

Question: Tell about a time when a dream inspired you in the area of calling or destiny.