Choose The Type of Class You Are Interested In

All courses follow the same basic outline as described further down this page.

Local Class

There are held regularly in locations all around the state and county. We have even done classes in Europe. Normal classes can run 12-15 hours (normally from a Thursday night to a Saturday afternoon) but can be shortened if desired.

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Online Class

These are per-recorded classes that you work through in your own time and at your own pace. A workbook is provided and you will have the opportunity to interact with a tutor via email or Facebook with questions and assignments.

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Webinar Class

These are held in real-time via the internet. You will connect to the classroom via video and audio. You will have the opportunity to interact as in a local class.

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Choose The Level of Class You Are Interested In

Level 1

Beginner Level

Level 2

Interpretation Workshop

Level 3

Advanced Class

Dreamz School 1 Class Beginner level


Dreamz School 1 Class workbook

Did you know that your dreams are ‘night time’ messages that can be used to guide you in your waking life? Learning to unlock your dream meanings brings a greater spiritual understanding of your current circumstances, answers to dilemmas you may be experiencing, directions to step more fully into God’s plan for your life–your destiny or calling. In taking this class, you can expect to:
–increase your understanding of dreams.
–strengthen your symbolic interpretation
–learn and practice basic interpretive principles
–heighten your sensitivity to God’s voice

Curriculum includes:
–History of dreams in culture
–Purposes, types, and sources of dreams
–Basic tools in interpreting and understanding dream meaning
–Symbols in dreams
–Memory and journaling techniques
–Commonly experienced dreams
–Nightmares and lucid dreaming
–Spiritual listening
–Helping others with their dreams and prophetic outreach
–Work through your own dreams in a group
–Class notes, exercises, and activation

To schedule a class in your area, contact Merry.  Gather a few dreamer friends or ask your church or organizational leader to schedule a class. I’ll be happy to visit with them and send them a sample of class materials ahead of time. We are flexible with class formats, hours of instruction, and costs.  Normal classes can run 12-15 hours but can be shortened if desired.

Dreamz School Level 2 Workshop

Dreamz School 2 Class

Dreamz School 2 Class

Bring YOUR dreams for us to interpret together as a group, practicing basic principles we learned from Dreamz School level 1 class.
Expect fun, empowerment, and community building with other dreamers. This class is for folks who have taken level 1 Dreamz School.
Contact Merry if you are interested in scheduling a class in your area.

Prerequisite:  Dreamz School level 1 class.  It works well to schedule level 2 three to six months after level 1 to give students a chance to practice what they learned for a while, so they are ready to go deeper into dream interpretation principles.

Dreamz School Level 3 : Advanced Dream Interpretation Class

 Dreamz School 3 Class

This class helps you shape your own personal style of prophetic ministry.  We identify basic spiritual world views and relevant approaches, develop our own strengths as interpreters and shore up our weaknesses, and participate in activation exercises.

We interpret lots of dreams together and advance beyond basic interpretive understanding.

This class is for interpreters who have taken classes 1 and 2 and have significant practice already under their belt.

Topics included:

– Dream Interpretation Principles reviewed (from Class levels 1 and 2)
– Spiritual calibration:  Developing your Reticular Activating System (RAS)
– Advanced symbols
      People in dreams

      Sex in dreams

      Death in dreams

      Numbers and Colors
– Extraordinary Interpretation

– Four Attributes of a good Interpretation
– Dreamwalking with the Spirit
– Using appropriate language
– Dream interpretation approaches
– Comparison of interpretations
– Dream Interpretation challenges
– Levels of Interpretation
– Private vs public victories
– Character

Contact Merry if you are interested in scheduling a class in your area.

Prerequisite:  Dreamz School level 1 and 2 classes.

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